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Electric Bikes Sussex just got faster…

Electric Bikes Sussex just got faster… 1

Electric Bikes just got Faster.......  Instead of the 25kph (15.6mph) maximum assistance of a standard Electric Bike, a Speed Pedelec can now offer assistance up to 45kph (28mph)!
V12 Finance

V12 Finance 0

We are now extremely pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to buy your favourite Electric Bike, by using our V12 Finance option.

You probably understand the long list of benefits Electric Bikes offer, now you can select a Finance option to match your budget.  Simply choose your desired Electric Bike, then match the repayments to your budget by selecting the duration and interest rate. 

You can select from 0% interest over 12 months, or choose to repay over 48 months if that’s best for you.  You can even choose how much deposit to pay, if any.  Of course, more deposit will bring the monthly repayments down.

Electric Bikes are often cheaper than people think:  Here’s some comparisons…..*

  • A daily Coffee from leading brands costs roughly £20 a week
  • A pint a night from your local pub costs around £26 a week
  • A Supermarket Meal Deal would cost you £21 a week
  • An entry level Electric Bike on 0% finance over 12 months is less than £22 a week

You can see that Electric Bikes are a very feasible way of commuting, travelling and getting around and are more affordable than many people think!! 

We offer finance both instore and online and the process is simple and easy to complete. We are here to help guide you and/or answer any questions. When Checking out online, one of the payment options will be “Apply For Finance”, select that payment method and it will take you through the necessary steps.



V12 finance - who are they?

V12 finance are one of the fastest growing names in retail finance and work with over 2,000 Retailers ranging from national high street names to independent stores like ourselves. 

They offer a range of fantastic solutions including quick, simple and easy to use processes, excellent acceptance rates and fast credit decisions!

The finance option is now live on our website and we are all extremely excited to see how this can help any customers looking to purchase. If you would like to discuss finance in more detail please visit our shop in Brighton Marina or call us on 01273-625060. 

*Please note the prices stated are indicative only and are subject to change.

PedalSure - Insurance for Cyclists!

PedalSure - Insurance for Cyclists! 1

We know how much our customers love and value their Electric Bikes! A question we are commonly asked by both customers and potential customers is security, and how to keep their prized possession safe. Strong locks, clever parking and keeping your bike close are some of our top tips.

We have been looking for Bike Insurance suppliers to offer our customers for some time now. Most bike insurance companies don’t offer the best of cover for such a high value product and would usually only insure the bike, not the rider.

PedalSure Offer a range of insurance policies for not only the bike, but the rider and any third parties involved. Covering theft, damage, personal losses and offering hire bikes if, in the worst case, you were left without your bike.

We have teamed up with PedalSure to offer our customers a super saving of 15% off your insurance policy! With many different covers to choose from and payments made on a monthly or yearly basis you’ll be sure to find a way to keep your mind at rest when riding/leaving your bike. 

Visit www.pedalsure.com/electricbikessussex for more information and to buy your cover online.



Hövding’s airbag for cyclists now available for the first time in Brighton!

Hövding’s airbag for cyclists now available for the first time in Brighton! 0

Hövding, the Swedish airbag for cyclists, is available to purchase in Brighton for the first time exclusively at Electric Bikes Sussex.

We will be holding a launch event with representatives from Hövding, at midday on April 10th.  This will include some live ‘activations’ of the Airbag so please do come down and join us. Cycling Safely is something close to all of our hearts - and heads!! Below is some information about the product.

Hövding, the Swedish company behind the revolutionary cycling airbag, has announced a partnership with Electric Bikes Sussex, the market leading electric bike store in Brighton.

Launched in 2012, Hövding is the world’s first airbag designed specifically for cycling. The Hövding is worn around the neck like a collar, and is capable of reading a cyclist’s movement 200 times per second. In an event of an accident, Hövding recognises the changes in body movement and fully activates in just 0.1 seconds.

In October 2016, Hövding was tested by the prestigious Stanford University. The detailed study looked at the effectiveness and the levels of protection of various cycling helmets. In the research, Hövding was compared directly to traditional foam helmets in a simulation of a single fall, the most common cycling accident. The research concluded that Hövding provided eight times better protection against a risk of concussion than a traditional helmet, and was ‘near perfect’ in terms of protecting both the head and neck in an event of accident.

Electric Bikes Sussex is a market leading Electric Bike store, based in Brighton. The shop offers a variety of quality electric bikes, bike parts and accessories. The store puts a strong emphasis on delivering the best quality cycling gear to its customers and focuses on delivering products to fit every customer’s individual needs. Electric Bikes Sussex is the only specialist Electric Bike store in Brighton and Hove, and offers an extensive workshop run by experienced and fully trained technicians.

Because of greater speeds cyclists can reach while riding Electric Bikes, Hövding makes the perfect companion for electric bike enthusiasts. In an accident that takes place at a speed of 16mph, the risk of a head injury is under 2% with a Hövding, in comparison to almost 90% with a conventional cycling helmet. Furthermore, a Hövding’s innovative design ensures that not only the cyclist’s head but also the neck is protected in an accident, by safely locking it in place.

Graham Rowe, MD of Electric Bikes Sussex commented: “As the leading specialist electric bike store in Brighton, Hove and the surrounding area, we put a strong focus on bringing the best and most innovative products directly to our customers. Hövding is a strong addition to our existing product portfolio and a really exciting product that will be of great interest to many across Sussex. Safety is of paramount importance for our customers and there’s nothing more important than protecting ones head!”

Fredrik Carling, CEO of Hövding commented: “Here at Hövding we are always looking for opportunities to partner up with other forward-thinking companies that are just as dedicated to promoting cycling and cycling safety as us. Electric Bikes Sussex is the perfect store to partner with as we launch in Brighton and we are looking forward to working with them going forward.”

The Hövding is now available from over 836 stores worldwide. To date, more than 50,000 Hövding units have been purchased by cyclists across the globe, and the company is aware of over 800 cases where the airbag has potentially saved a cyclist’s life in an accident.