How does an Electric Bike work?

An Electric Bike can assist you when you’re pedalling. You choose when to have powered assistance and you also choose how much powered assistance you desire. It also means that, if you stop pedalling, you free-wheel just like on a normal bike.


All Electric Bikes that we sell have a Speed Sensor and most have a Torque Sensor and Cadence Sensor as well. These sensors feed information to the Control Unit, which also considers the Power Level requested and adjusts the Power accordingly.  

The amount of assistance is normally measured as a percentage of your own ‘power output’.   Depending on the Motor system, up to 400% power can be available. IE: If you’re producing 10 Watts of power, the Motor will add 40 Watts, given a total output of 50 Watts. In reality, this makes cycling fun & exciting again. 

Bosch Motor

Whilst it may sound a bit complicated, the reality is that riding a modern Electric Bike is very intuitive and most people are surprised just how easy and natural it is. Try one of our Electric Bikes in our Brighton Store for yourself, only then will you really understand how great they are.

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