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Raleigh Electric Bikes

Raleigh understand the Great British cycling public and what we need. Trading since 1887, their electric bikes are refined for comfort and practicality. The models have evolved over many years and focus on the needs of the UK market. 

The range has models suited to many different budgets and riding requirements, including Hub Motors and the Bosch Active Line Crank Drive system as demonstrated on the very popular Motus range.  
Mudguards and Racks appear on almost all models, with suspension seat posts and lights on some. With a wide range of motors, batteries and spec level to choose from - there's a bike in our Raleigh Electric Bike range waiting for you.
Come and test ride one today at our shop in Brighton Marina, Sussex.

Raleigh Electric Bikes

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Raleigh Motus Tour Lowstep Hub
From £2,499.00 £2,599.00
Raleigh Motus Tour Crossbar Hub
£2,499.00 £2,599.00
Raleigh Motus Lowstep
From £1,799.00 £2,199.00
Raleigh Motus GT Lowstep Hub
£2,699.00 £2,799.00
Raleigh Motus GT Lowstep Derailleur
From £2,599.00 £2,699.00
Raleigh Motus GT Crossbar Hub
£2,699.00 £2,799.00
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