Meet the Team

Elctrc, formerly known as Electric Bikes Sussex, is a family-operated business nestled in Brighton Marina. As the exclusive Electric Bike specialists in Brighton and Hove, we take pride in being among the select Electric Bike Shops in the UK holding the prestigious "Bosch eBike Expert" accreditation.


The Rowe family, hailing from the local area, oversees Elctrc. Rooted in their hometown of Brighton & Hove, their interest in Electric Bikes originated when Graham, the patriarch, encountered impressive Electric Bikes during his travels in Europe in his Motorhome. Upon returning to the UK, he observed a stark contrast with a range of poor-quality, unreliable, and cumbersome Electric Bikes that failed to match up.


Recognizing the potential of modern Electric Bikes to enhance the cycling experience for almost everyone, Graham envisioned addressing various challenges faced by his city, such as health issues, congestion, parking, and pollution. This vision, coupled with the opportunity to nurture the business skills of his two children, fueled the establishment of Electric Bikes Sussex, now rebranded as Elctrc.

Following careful business planning, number crunching, and a commitment to offer industry-leading Electric Bikes at competitive prices, Elctrc was born in January 2015. The focus remains on providing excellent customer service to support customers in their Electric Bike journey.

Since then, the Electric Bike sector has become the fastest-growing segment of the Bike Industry in Europe, driven by the increasing awareness of the benefits of quality Electric Bikes. Elctrc stands at the forefront of this revolution, making cycling more enjoyable for all.

Meet the Rowe family in more detail:

  • Graham (Father, Managing Director, Bank, Tea Boy): Graham initiated Elctrc in January 2015, drawing on his diverse industry experience. Passionate about Electric Bikes, he aimed to bring the joy of cycling to more people.

  • Lucy (Daughter, Manager, E-Bike Enthusiast): Lucy has been managing Elctrc since its inception, striving to create a welcoming environment. Formerly a car commuter, she now commutes daily by Electric Bike, experiencing significant health benefits. 

  • Jake (Son, Sales Assistant, Techie Wizard): Jake, the youngest team member, joined the business after completing his A Levels and an apprenticeship in customer service. A cycling enthusiast, he finds Electric Bikes life-changing and is eager to share their benefits. 

Our in-store workshop, led by Ben, our eBike Mechanic, is fully equipped to ensure your Electric Bike stays in top condition. Recognized by Bosch as one of the few Bosch eBike Experts in the UK, our skilled team combines expertise with a passion for Electric Bikes, making Elctrc your go-to destination for all things Electric Bike-related.