Meet the Team – elctrc

Meet the Team

Elctrc, previously known as Electric Bikes Sussex is a family run business based in Brighton Marina. We are the only Electric Bike specialists in Brighton and Hove. We are also one of few Electric Bike Shops in the UK to have the “Bosch eBike Expert” accreditation.


The Family

The Rowe family runs Elctrc. They were born locally and have lived in Brighton & Hove all their lives. Their passion for Electric Bikes originates from Dad (aka Graham) seeing very impressive Electric Bikes when travelling in his Motorhome in Europe. Back in the UK, there was a range of very poor quality, unreliable and heavy monsters that people referred to as Electric Bikes, but weren’t comparable.


Graham knew that modern Electric Bikes make cycling more enjoyable for nearly everyone. In turn this would help his home city address some of its challenges: EG: Health; Congestion; Parking; Pollution. Combining these benefits with the opportunity to develop the business skills of his 2 children, who were and remain to this day the prime motivators of Electric Bikes Sussex.


After assessing and developing the business case and crunching some numbers, the decision was made to open Elctrc. The plan being to offer Industry leading Electric Bikes at competitive prices and support Customers with a strong Customer Service ethic.


Since then the Electric Bike sector has become the fastest growing sector of the Bike Industry across Europe. This is because more and more people understand the benefits of a ‘proper’ Electric Bikes and realising the massive benefits they offer - making cycling more fun and enjoyable.



Meet the family in more detail here:

Graham – Father, Managing Director, Bank, Tea Boy.


Graham started Elctrc in January 2015. Before this he had worked in multiple different industries. Most recently he worked in the Motorhome Industry, which was where his passion for Electric Bikes began. He was constantly seeing great looking Electric Bikes at Motorhome shows around Europe, but not in the UK. Being a keen cyclist all his life this really stuck in his mind. He then researched the market, the potential and how they could benefit him in his life. This combined with his passion for getting people out of cars and onto bikes it seemed like the perfect time to start an Electric Bike shop.


Here is Graham aged 15 after winning a cycling competition in Lewes.



Lucy – Daughter, Manager, E-Bike enthusiast


Lucy has been running Elctrc since day one. She knows that Bike shops can be quite intimidating to some and therefore her goal is to make Elctrc as welcoming as possible.


Before Elctrc she was working as a letting agent in Brighton. She was commuting to work every day by car. She didn’t cycle, as she didn’t like arriving to work hot and sweaty and needing to change into her work clothes.


Since starting Elctrc, she has now sold her car and commutes everyday by Electric Bike in sun, rain or snow! She has seen notable health benefits since doing this and would recommend it to anyone.


Here’s Lucy on her first bike.



Jake – Son, Sales Assistant, Techie wizard.


Jake is the youngest member of the team, after completing his A Levels and an apprenticeship in customer service, he joined the business about 1 year after the start. He has also completed training courses on Bosch, Yamaha, TranzX, Shimano and E-motion drive systems.


Jake cycled to School, College and work from a young age. He also enjoys leisure and off road cycling. After leaving college he was introduced to Electric Bikes by Graham, he now describes them as life changing. Cycling through headwinds and up hills with ease makes it so much more enjoyable. He can also now cycle to work, events and meetings in suitable clothing and arrive feeling fresh. It’s now his goal to introduce these life-changing products to as many people as possible.


Here’s a young Jake after a mountain bike race.




The Workshop

Tyrone & Matt - eBike Mechanics

Our in-store workshop is equipped with all the necessary tools to make sure your Electric Bike is kept in tiptop condition. This includes all relevant diagnostics software and Electric Bike specific tools. We also stock a large range of spare parts. All our mechanics are Cytech qualified and have completed the relevant eBike System training courses.



Due to our highly skilled and experienced technicians and our Electric Bike Knowledge, we have been recognised by Bosch as one of the very few Bosch eBike Experts in the UK.