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The Nyon System

What is Nyon?

Nyon is the top of the range display system that Bosch developed to interface with Bosch powered electric bikes. It integrates with the battery and motor and provides data to control the Bike and inform your ride.

What’s so special about Nyon?

Many factors make the Nyon system special. Firstly the Nyon display is bigger and clearer than the standard Intuvia system and it has a lot more features! For example Satellite Navigation ability, a Fitness Trainer, the ability to link to your Smartphone (including charging), it also gives comparative data to demonstrate the financial and ecological benefits of cycling, compared to a car.

Also included are all the features of the Intuvia system and more, on a wider, clearer and easily customisable display. Below we go in to more detail on each of these features.

Navigation + Maps

Nyon has many features, some of which are ‘standard’ on most Satellite Navigation systems, including Points of Interest. But Nyon goes much further and integrates with the eBike. This enables it to offer you eBike specific choices. EG: It can show you on a map a prediction of how far you can travel based on your previous riding style and the assistance level you are in (as shown in the image). You can also select your destination with Fastest; Shortest routes, but also an eBike friendly ‘Scenic’ route option.

Also new for 2016 you can decide if you want mountain bike routes or not! These all help you find fun off road routes. Or you can even upload your own routes from Google and save particular routes you have liked in the past, making it easier to have that same enjoyable ride again and again!

Fitness Trainer

The Fitness training feature measures your exercise intensity with calories burnt, based on your cadence and pedaling force (power output)! It also connects with a variety of different heart rate chest straps via Bluetooth. You can then monitor and analyze the data on your smartphone, computer or on the display itself.

The Nyon Fitness trainer captures the data even if you’re not on the fitness display, which it then compares to historic data and provides a ‘training effect’ status. This evolves depending on your activity. It then shows if you are ‘over-reaching’, maintaining your fitness or improving your fitness etc.

Smartphone Connectivity

There is an App that allows you to connect your smartphone to your Nyon display via Bluetooth, even displaying incoming text message as you’re riding, if required. You can charge your phone from the Nyon as well! Also on the app you can analyse previous riding data, upload destinations and routes or even create your own eBike assistance levels!

Money Saving Feature

Not content with giving you Health data, the Nyon system also shows the Financial benefits of cycling. It calculates this by comparing your cycling data with average Motoring Costs per mile. You can view this as a total since purchasing the bike, or over a year, month or week. Everyone knows that you save money by cycling instead of driving, now the Nyon shows you how much!

 Adding further to the Health and Financial benefits, Nyon also offers some Environmental data. This feature shows you how many trees you have “saved.”

How does it do this? It predicts the amount of CO2 you would have emitted by driving and calculates the amount of trees that would have been affected therefore working out how many trees you’ve saved by cycling!

Ride Information

As some of you may know the Intuvia display (the standard Bosch display unit) has some handy features such as range, trip distance, clock, top speed, average speed, trip time and an overall distance. The Nyon display has all of this on a bigger and clearer unit plus other features such as an altitude line indicator, a measurement of your pedal power in watts and even more! All this helpful information clearly displayed in front of you at a glance!

Which eBikes have it?

The Nyon display comes as standard on some of the high-end Haibike XDuro models. All Intuvia or Purion models can also now be retrospectively upgraded. Contact us for more information on 01273 625060.

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