The Relaunch of The Sussex Pedelec Club
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Sussex Pedelec Club

The Relaunch of The Sussex Pedelec Club

The primary objective of the Sussex Pedelec Group is to help owners get more from their Electric Bike purchase.  Whether you need guidance; have technical questions; enjoy Social ride-outs; or wish to participate in other Events, all Electric Bike Owners should get something from being a member.

The Sussex Pedelec Club is open to all Owners of Electric Bikes, no matter the model or where it is was purchased.   
The Group is currently sponsored by Electric Bikes Sussex, who offer support and premises for events etc, however, as the Club progresses and membership grows, perhaps Members will have more involvement in running future events.
The Club was started in January 2015, however due to the demands of running a start-up business, Electric Bikes Sussex have found it challenging focusing on the Club aspects, so this year the Sussex Pedelec Club is effectively being re-launched. 
Feedback suggested that to build a community of Electric Bikers who can discuss, arrange and socialise openly, where we can keep you informed of ride outs and be able to take suggestions of times, dates and locations, that a Facebook Group would be the best medium.  

We have therefore started The Sussex Pedelec Facebook Group.  You can join by clicking here.

We’re delighted how many people have shown interest in the club and we would really like it to be a success and have you all out on your bikes enjoying yourselves! Whether you’re new to Electric Bikes; commute; tackle the downs for fun; are a serious downhill rider, we plan to organise events and ride outs that will be attractive to all levels.
We hope to have our first ride out on Easter Monday and are happy for ideas on routes, times and anything else you would like to achieve from your Electric Bike club! 
Don't forget to join the group to get your updates and news, just click here.
If you would rather receive email notifications than join the Facebook Group please let us know as we understand social media isn’t for everyone.

We hope to see you all in the near future!

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