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It’s Cheating - Isn’t It?


Some people claim that an Electric Bike is “Cheating”.

Did you know that a modern Electric Bike, has optional powered assistance, that is only available when you’re pedalling?

Many people know cycling is very good for their health, but still don’t cycle very often. If asked, hills, headwinds and many other reasons are offered. Electric Bikes solve so many of these challenges.

Therefore Electric Bike owners cycle more often and go further and consequently get more benefit than on a legacy bike? This fact is proven by the results of multiple research studies.

So perhaps NOT using an Electric Bike is cheating? You’ll miss out on ALL the benefits they offer to your health; your enjoyment, your budget, the traffic, parking and environmental issues to name but a few.

Electric Bikes Sussex has the latest leading Electric Bikes try one for yourself – Only then will you understand!

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  • Graham Rowe
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  • Jen Popkin
    Jen Popkin

    I agree – it certainly IS NOT cheating to ride an electric bike! I can’t get up the hills of Hastings easily and when it’s windy it is nigh on impossible even to pedal along the sea front. When I rode out on my pedal bike with a local group, I was told I was holding them up. Now when I ride with them, I’m often shivering at the top of the hill waiting for them.. In spite of this, I love my Wisper and electric Brompton and I ride around mainlhy on my own these days. Rides out with a group of lekky riders would be great, so I do hope you out on some more. Jen

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