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It’s Cheating - Isn’t It?

Is using an Electric Bike considered "cheating"? Contrary to the misconception, modern Electric Bikes provide optional powered assistance solely when you're actively pedaling.

While many recognize the health benefits of cycling, numerous obstacles, such as hills and headwinds, deter regular biking. Electric Bikes, however, offer solutions to these challenges, encouraging owners to ride more frequently and cover greater distances, resulting in amplified health advantages. This isn't just a claim; multiple research studies validate the increased cycling frequency and extended distances achieved by Electric Bike users.

Considering this, one might argue that NOT using an Electric Bike is missing out on numerous benefits – from health and enjoyment to financial savings and addressing traffic, parking, and environmental concerns. At elctrc, our Brighton & Hove store showcases the latest Electric Bikes, allowing you to experience firsthand the transformative advantages they offer. Only then will you truly grasp the remarkable impact Electric Bikes can have on your well-being and overall cycling experience.

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Nov 19, 2015
Jen Popkin

I agree – it certainly IS NOT cheating to ride an electric bike! I can’t get up the hills of Hastings easily and when it’s windy it is nigh on impossible even to pedal along the sea front. When I rode out on my pedal bike with a local group, I was told I was holding them up. Now when I ride with them, I’m often shivering at the top of the hill waiting for them.. In spite of this, I love my Wisper and electric Brompton and I ride around mainlhy on my own these days. Rides out with a group of lekky riders would be great, so I do hope you out on some more. Jen

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