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Spotlight Series: The Riese & Müller Tinker

Spotlight Series: The Riese & Müller Tinker 0

Introducing our new series of Blog Posts; The Spotlight Series! Every other week we will be focusing on a model we currently have in stock (at the time of writing) and highlighting everything great about it. Sometimes the world of Electric Bikes can be quite overwhelming so we will be breaking it down! If you have any models that you are particularly interested in, leave a comment and we will be happy to Spotlight it!

Up this week in the Spotlight Series; The Riese & Müller Tinker

As we all know, space in city centre apartments, flats and housing comes at a premium and in Brighton, it's no different. If you have ever tried to get a full-sized bike into the hallway of a terraced house, into an elevator, or tried to find a way to safely store your bike outside, you know this struggle well! Here is where the Tinker helps solve these problems.


What makes the Tinker different to other 20” wheeled bike is the fact that it is a semi compact folder. By not having a middle hinge means the frame can be made lighter and more rigid, translating into a bike that is fully at home in the city or further afield. The idea of further afield is where Riese & Müller have really made the Tinker come into its own. By fitting the bike out with large folding stem, high volume tyres, a suspension fork and optional suspension seat post, the bike can take on a wide range of riding conditions and remain firm, confident, and stable. With the added rack offering a weight limit of 20kg this bike would make a great option for a multi-day trip, easily being stowed away in a car, train or ferry!

At the bikes heart is the super reliable Bosch Performance Line motor with 65nm of torque, 500wh battery and Intuvia display, matched with a Enviolo stepless hub gear and Gates carbon belt drive. All in all, creating a clean and efficient drivetrain that requires minimal maintenance. The Tinker also features Tektro Aruiga Comp brakes for spot on handling, perfectly matched with the large volume Schwalbe Big Ben Plus tyres for added comfort and durability.

The Tinker comes with an adjustable flex stem that means the bike can be stored with the stem folded completely down to make storage and transport an ease in a small car or van with the seat post removed, but also can be adjusted to fit a wide range of riders from 1.50m to 1.95m. 

Comfort also comes from the high spec Spinner Grinder OS coil suspension fork and Caine Creek Thudbuster suspension seat post with adjustable firmness to maximise comfort for longevity on the bike. Other features that make the Tinker a full-on all-rounder bike is the integrated Supernova E3 front light and Busch and Muller rear light, full mudguards, rear wheel lock and racktime integrated rear rack that comes with the ability to combine affiliated racktime compatible components like the rear cargo rack basket.


Don’t underestimate it, all in all the Tinker is a super fun and highly capable compact eBike that is absolutely at home in the city but could also be your ticket out of the city and beyond, the possibilities of this little bike are huge!

This model is currently in stock and we would be happy to go through any other questions you may have about this model! See the Riese & Müller Tinker on our website here.

Different Gearing Systems Explained

Different Gearing Systems Explained 0

We offer a wide range of Electric Bikes for diverse uses and users. Within all the brands we sell there are different models featuring different specifications and price points. Included in that specification, are a choice of gearing options. Below, we have detailed what each gear system is and how they work.


The idea of gearing is simple: when we turn the pedals, that energy gets sent to the rear wheel making the bike move via what is normally called a drive train.

Using a ratio of bigger and smaller cogs, when input is transferred from your feet to the drive chain, those different configurations help to get you moving swiftly and efficiently, and of course with some added eBike assistance too!

Electric Bikes by law in the UK have to be pedalled to enable the assistance. On the majority of them you will still find some type of drive chain as gearing systems are still needed and they can help refine the assistance the bikes give.



Pedals, chains and cogs have been on bikes for almost 200 hundred years, the derailleur shifter on your handlebar works to push the chain up or down over a set of gears or sprockets to change the gearing ratio, helping the rider to go faster or climb easier. The standard derailleur is usually the lightest and cheapest of the gearing systems, and on some mountain bike applications can give a huge range of gears. The downside of derailleur gears is that the moving gearing system is open to the elements and can be at risk of damage if the bike falls over or could be hit by debris while being ridden off road and at risk of corrosion being exposed to the elements (a very Brighton issue). Because of the price and the big gearing ratios, this system is most common on entry level bikes or most mountain bikes where climbing off road requires a big range of gears. Another thing to remember about derailleur gears is that the bike has to be pedalled to change the gears.

Single speed

Single speed systems are the simplest of bike gearing. The main reasons for using a single speed drivetrain are to keep the bike as simple as it can, and in a flat city/ commuting situations one gear can be an advantage. The compromise of only having one gear is that when starting off a lot of effort is needed to get up to speed. When you're then at cruising speed, you're stuck with that same gear ratio so are limited to how fast you can go before you spin out the pedals. Plus, when that inevitable hill comes along things can become tricky, but this can be partly negated by electric assistance.

Internally geared hubs


Like the Sturmey Archer hubs of old, the internal gearing system or hub gears work by shifting a set of cogs and gears inside the hub to give a select number of gear ratios. By keeping all the cogs and moving gearing parts inside the hub all you need is a single drive chain component like a chain or carbon belt, which keeps costs down. More important though is that because all the moving parts are safely tucked away, they’re protected from damage, dirt and corrosion (especially important in the coastal conditions of Brighton!), and the hub needs minimal maintenance. One thing to consider with internally geared hubs is that with the convenience of having everything neatly tucked away inside the wheel hub is that they can be slightly heavier and more complex if something goes wrong, however issues are quite rare. With internally geared hubs one of the benefits are that you have to stop pedalling to shift the gears meaning that you can change the gears while stationary.


Two specialist internally geared hubs that we do are the Enviolo and Rohloff hubs.

Enviolo is unique as it uses a clutch type of system which basically means that it doesn’t have any steps between each gear. As you rotate the grip shifter, on its display you have a little person on a bike that moves into an uphill position to show that the bike is in an easier gear and a flat position showing that you're in the higher gear. Having the ability to change while on the flat, Enviolo is a great system for someone that struggles with the complexity of traditional gears. You can even move away from changing the gears yourself completely by choosing the Enviolo Automatic gear system. This uses input from Bosch to intuitively change gear for you, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy the ride!


Rohloff is the crème de la crème of internal gearing systems. Traditionally favoured by the round the world bike tourers. The Rohloff speed hub has 14 stepped gears, much more than any other hub manufacture and is known for being extremely reliable with a huge gearing ratio. On Bosch based systems the hub is shifted electronically meaning that the hub perfectly shifts every time with the added bonus that there is no risk of cable stretch affecting the smooth operation of the gears. Additionally with the electronic shifter, the gears are changed with the push of a button meaning there’s no twisting of the wrist. A consideration of the Rohloff hub is that with all these amazing features the hub itself is one of the heavier on the market, but that’s unnoticeable when being ridden in any level of assistance.

If you have a particular gear system you are interested in having on your eBike, we are very happy to talk about what models feature your preference!

Spotlight Series: The Raleigh Stride2

Spotlight Series: The Raleigh Stride2 0

Introducing our new series of Blog Posts; The Spotlight Series! Every other week we will be focusing on a model we currently have in stock (at the time of writing) and highlighting everything great about it. Sometimes the world of Electric Bikes can be quite overwhelming so we will be breaking it down! If you have any models that you are particularly interested in, leave a comment and we will be happy to Spotlight it!

Up this week in the Spotlight Series; The Raleigh Stride

The Raleigh Stride 2 is an elegant, eco-friendly two-wheeled alternative to typical family transport. Designed with practicality in mind, this classy cargo bike can carry a lot! Kids, pets, parcels, the weekly shop - you name it. Spacious and safe, with a bench and belts for 2 children, there is plenty of room for the kids and their bags as well as keeping them protected with the deep bucket. You can also easily add a baby seat to keep your extra small ones extra protected.

The Raleigh stride features The Bosch Performance CX Cargo Line motor with 85Nm Torque. The motor is designed to perform with heavier loads, adapts accordingly to weight onboard and with powerful output from standstill, you get extra assistance when needed most. 

The Enviolo gears and carbon belt drive are very low maintenance and easy to use. This gearing system will also allow you to change gear when stationary which can definitely help if you are caught out and need to get moving again from a stand still! The 2 wheels make this model easy to handle and perfect for cruising the town and being powered by a 500Wh Bosch battery, the Raleigh Stride 2 gives you everything you need to get from A to B without breaking a sweat. With a range of up to 40 miles and a cargo capacity of 80kg, the Stride 2 is ready to help you take on your day.

Integrated lights that run off the main battery mean you can don’t need to worry about remembering to charge your bike lights! As well as mudguards and a rear rack being included you also have a rear wheel lock which keeps the bike form being rolled away. You will probably want an extra lock to lock the bike to something but every little helps when it comes to security! The lock has the same key as the lock that keeps your battery on the bike. The battery can be easily taken off with the key for charging. 

In comparison to other Cargo bikes we offer, the Raleigh stride has a much lower price point without scrimping on quality. Although currently, the offering on Accessories is less than other models, the bike comes with child seating included and as an added extra you can purchase a rain cover or baby seat.


As mentioned, this model is currently in stock and we would be happy to go through any other questions you may have about this model! See the Raleigh Stride on our website here.

Preparing your bike for winter

Preparing your bike for winter 0

The chill has arrived! And although it might seem tempting to put that bike away for winter, there's many joys that can be taken from riding over the colder months. Be that travel chaos in traffic or public transport delays, maybe even just seeing the joys of a lovely winter sunset or those beautiful crisp winter mornings. With a few adjustments and checks, your bike will be able to go into the winter months giving you many happy miles!

Checking your bike before a ride or periodically is always a good thing to do in any weather or season, but it can really help prevent unwanted strandings or long walks home, especially in cold and wet conditions. Below is a summary of the most vital parts to check:


Most modern bikes come with two types of brake, rim brake and disc brake, both using a brake pad that slows your bike down by pressing against a braking surface, either a brake rotor or your wheel rim. Nearly all out Electric Bikes come with Disc Brakes.

A simple check you can do before any ride is a quick pull of the brakes, just pull the lever and push the bike forward and the bike should stop you pretty much instantly. Pad wear can be checked by either a change in how far the brake lever comes back to the handlebar or looking at the brake pad itself. Braking surfaces can be easily checked too. On a rim brake, by looking for the wear line running around the middle of the rim on the braking surface; if its gone or the braking surface has sunk inwards then the rim will probably need changing. For disc brake rotors you need to check if the rotors are roughly scored or have a significant step in them. 


Tyres are an integral part of your bike, they’re the part that connects your bike to the ground and keeps your wheels turning! Getting the right tyre for the conditions can really improve your ride and checking the condition of them can really help prevent any unwanted setbacks. Most e-bikes come with larger tyre sizes than analog bikes and this can really help going into winter as they can provide a bigger contact area and better handling when conditions get worse. For the winter where paths get muddier, are susceptible to leaf fall or frosty, a bigger volume tyre or one that has more of a defined tread could give you more reliability while out on the road. 

Now, that leads us on to one of the most dreaded parts of cycling… Punctures!

Punctures are inevitable in cycling, and although some brands throw around phrases like “puncture proof”, there's no such thing. There is however, lots that can be done to keep them down to an absolute minimum. Checking wear limits on your tyre and changing them when there at the end of life can help, but also using good quality ebike rated tyres with substantial puncture protections as well as slime self-sealing solution can hopefully keep those punctures at bay. We provide these in store and an appointment can be made for fitting.

Drive chain

Keeping your drive chain clean and maintained is also an important way to keep unplanned stops to a minimum. Cleaning your bike in general can help, but if you are short on time, keeping your chain and cassette free of mud and grime can help premature wearing of components. Also, re applying chain oil after wetter or rainy rides will keep your drive train lubricated. Annual servicing, or even biannual bike services if you’re really eating up the miles can be a sure way to keep your bike in tip top condition.

Some accessories that may help keep your winter riding more comfortable and safer are:


Being able to see while riding at night is important, being seen is an imperative (and the law). Many of the Electric Bikes we offer come with built in lights, or the option for them to be added. Modern bike lights have come a long way since filament bulbs, utilising modern electronics and LED’s they are much brighter and drain far less power, lasting for much longer.

Built in lights 

Built in bike lights are hardwired into the battery providing a bright solid and reliable light that pulls an unnoticeable amount of power from the ebike systems. The main advantage of these types of lights are that they can be forgotten about and programmed to be always on, providing lights to help you be seen at any time of the day and night, without the worry if you've remembered your lights and if you've charged them.

Rechargeable Lights

All the bike light options we sell are USB rechargeable. The main advantage of this type of bike lighting is that it's lightweight and can be easily removed to be recharged or to be used on another bike. Another advantage of these lights is that they have a range of different strobing options that can help to increase visibility. Some of our customers that have built in lights still like to add a strobing USB light to their bike to provide maximum visibility.


In the winter months mudguards can be a real lifesaver in keeping you clean and soaking tyre spray and keeping mud down to a minimum, the classic wet weather badger strip of mud and water up your back is never ideal and you can also avoid spraying your fellow cyclists too. Like are bolted on to your bike and provide full coverage keeping spray down to a minimum reducing bike lights, mudguards come in two different types, bolt on and detachable. 

Bolt on mudguards are the best at keeping all the spray and grime off you and the bike, this can really help minimise all that material getting thrown over your brakes and drivetrain causing premature component wear. Some specialist mountain bikes like full suspension bikes are much harder to fit a traditional full mudguard due to the pivoting frame so there is a range of clip-on mud guards that can help keep mud and grime to a minimum protecting all the moving parts of the bike.


Although the joy of riding an ebike is that you can wear any type of clothing and you don't have to worry about getting hot and sweaty, when it's raining, and the weather is bad there's a number of pieces of clothing that can really help in keeping you dry. Having a good set of waterproofs is highly desirable for wetter days, combined with waterproof trousers and overshoes you can stay nice, cozy and dry, and there's nothing worse than wet feet. Also, these can be combined with gloves and a hat or even specialist winter cycling hats that are designed to fit under your helmet. Some people also swear by a reflective high vis jacket or helmet/helmet cover, giving you the best visibility during the darker nights of winter.

Did you know you have the ability to program service reminders into Bosch based ebike systems as well as that there is half price servicing for Elctrc customers, keeping your bike serviced can really pay for itself!