The New Riese & Müller Culture

A brand new model from Riese & Müller has just landed, the Culture. This is a model we've been very excited about sharing since we heard of it's launch, and it's now in store, available to view and/or test ride! So let us tell you a bit more about it and some of the features.

Circular Design principal

The first Riese & Müller model based on their Circular Design principal, this is the idea of attempting to develop products which are not only high quality and long lasting but also come from/have more then one product life cycle. 

So how is the Culture based on this? It's frame is largely manufactured from recycled Aluminium! A new and unique concept in the bike industry, their hope is to improve environmental and human rights conditions along the supply chain, and also save energy: the production of recycled aluminium requires only 5% of the energy needed to produce primary aluminium! 

They've opted for powder-coating with this model, which is more resource-efficient then painting. For instance, 95% of the excess paint powder and water used can be reused. 

When selecting add-on components, R&M rely on suppliers who meet their high quality and sustainability standards and who also manufacture predominantly in Europe. This enables them to prevent CO2 emissions caused by transporting their components on container ships or by air freight.

Who's it for?

The culture is designed as a relaxing everyday bike. Whether that be commuting, riding round town or exploring your local area. It's designed with a minimalist and simple to use concept, fewer features and configuration options creating an understated but high quality looking and feeling bike. 


It comes fitted with the brand new Bosch SX Motor, their smallest, sleekest and lightest motor yet! This is paired with a completely integrated and protected, theft-resistant lightweight 400wh battery. Want more range? It can also be fitted with a removable 250wh Range Extender as an optional upgrade.

It's fitted as standard with integrated lights and mudguards. You can also choose from a number of optional extras such as a rear rack, wheel lock, upgraded suspension forks and much more. 


It comes in 2 frame shapes with a selection of 3 different colours between them. 

CultureBiscuit, only available in the crossbar
Blossom, only available in the mixte
Denim, available in both


It can be ordered as a Touring, Silent or Vario.

 Touring, Chain and 10 Speed Derailleur
 Silent, Belt Drive and 8 Speed Nexus Hub
 Vario, Belt Drive and Enviolo Hub


 See the models, full information and tech spec here, Crossbar and Mixte.

Or contact us for more information, 01273 625060.

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