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Discover Urban Elegance with the Riese & Müller Culture E-Bike

Embrace the perfect fusion of street style and minimalism with the Riese & Müller Culture electric bike. Designed to captivate attention on city streets, the Culture boasts a modern aesthetic, delivering a natural and sophisticated riding experience. As you explore urban landscapes, this pastel-colored masterpiece stands out, featuring a distinctive bend in the top tube that sets it apart.

Elevate Your City Commute: Sustainability Meets Style

Crafted with sustainability in mind, the Culture's frame construction prioritizes eco-friendly materials. Its lightweight and efficient Bosch SX motor, coupled with a 400 Wh battery, ensures a seamless and stylish city commute. When it's time to recharge, bring the Culture home – a visual delight that complements any living space.

Unforgettable Design: Modern, Minimalist, and Recyclable

The Culture's design is unforgettable, blending modern pastel colors, minimalist features, and slim round tubes. The striking frame, accentuated by the bend in the top tube and curved seat strut loop, delivers a unique visual appeal. The raised headset with curved handlebars ensures excellent comfort, allowing you to leisurely explore the city streets for hours guilt-free, as approximately 50% of the frame is crafted from recycled aluminum.

Dynamic Drive: Efficient Power Integration

Efficiency is key to the Culture's day-to-day performance. The Bosch 400 Wh battery, seamlessly integrated into the frame, maintains the clean and sleek appearance of the bike. For extended rides, the optional additional 250 Wh battery fits securely in the bag on the down tube, providing extra power as needed. The lightweight and quiet Bosch SX motor complements the overall design, delivering a natural riding experience with the advantages of an e-bike.

Seamless Operation: LED Remote and Smart Connectivity

The LED Remote simplifies your ride, allowing you to effortlessly select the right riding mode while providing clear information through colored LEDs. With the integrated SP Connect interface in the stem, connect your smartphone and charge it via USB-C. For added convenience, consider the optional Purion 200 display, offering a clean look with essential information such as speed and range.

Urban Equipment: Simplified Functionality

In urban traffic, less is more, and the Culture excels in simplicity. Functional elements seamlessly integrate into the bike, with features like the rear light integrated into the mudguard and the saddle reflector ensuring visibility. Add-ons like the optional carrier facilitate safe transport of your belongings, and the easy installation of a child seat enhances family-friendly functionality. Opt for the suspension kit with a suspension fork and seatpost for a smooth ride over kerbstones and uneven surfaces.

Discover the Riese & Müller Culture where sustainable urban mobility meets unparalleled style. Elevate your city commute with an e-bike that effortlessly blends into your lifestyle, making every journey a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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Extras & Upgrades


Riese & Müller have a wide range of optional extras and upgrades that can be added to your model. Give us a call for more information



Culture Touring

Culture Silent

Culture Vario


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