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Currently one of the fastest growing sectors of the eBike market is eCargo bikes and there’s many reasons why! Not only are they a great car replacement/method of transport for families as we talked about in a recent blog post here, they also can have some huge benefits for businesses, small or large.

So how can an eCargo bike help?

“Last Mile Delivery” – is a phrase that you may be familiar with.   As more and more goods are being shipped, ever increasing distances, the distribution network is constantly being optimised.  This is resulting in National Hubs where transport is undertaken by lorries up and down the trunk road network, with smaller trucks taking goods onwards to a more local distribution centre.  From there to the end Customer, the proverbial white van comes into its own.

The problem:   Cities are getting more and more congested and Air Pollution is becoming an ever-increasing challenge; the swarm of white vans are clogging pavements; blocking roads and contributing substantial amounts to Air Pollution.  If we look at Germany, where many Cities have a low-emission zone, the big courier companies are ever more conscious that it’s their Vans blocking roads and they’re ever more concerned that it’s their brand that is becoming as polluted as the Air! In parallel, the population is growing, traffic and parking in cities is becoming a bigger and bigger issue.

The solution?  More and more companies, small businesses and families are looking at sustainable ways of undertaking short journeys. eCargo bikes are not only helping the big distribution companies cut down on the use of vans for last mile delivery, they’re also helping smaller local business’s increase efficiency, reduce costs, go green and maybe even increase staff wellbeing! We’ve seen business’s using them for deliveries like food/drink suppliers delivering stock to customers around the city or couriers delivering parcels, we’ve also seen them used for home visits and callouts whether that be trade workers or care workers. There’s so many ways in which they can be used and set up to suit various needs.

Parking costs, congestion and rising petrol prices become issues of the past whilst potentially increasing health and wellbeing at the same time!

Here’s our favourite eCargo bikes for business’s and some examples of how they can be set up.

The Riese & Müller Transporter 85

This is brand new model from Riese & Muller and is specifically designed for cargo and delivering heavy loads. It comes as standard with a flatbed but can be set up in numerous different ways for business's including a box with either a choice of covers or a utility box. 

See it here


The Raleigh Pro

This is Raleigh's business targeted eCargo bike and can be ordered as either a 2 wheeled bike or trike. Both come specced as standard with box and lockable cover as shown in the below images.

 See the Caro bike here See the Cargo Trike here

The Tern GSD

Whilst many of our GSD customers are families transporting kids, the GSD can also be set up for businesses. Whether this be with cargo trays and crates or using their Storm Box system. The GSD is the same length as a most regular bikes and can stand up on it's back, giving it storage benefits when comparing it to some of the other longer and heavier Cargo bikes mentioned.

Tern have a specific business team who we can work with to set the bike up and personalise it to your requirements.


Theres different spec versions, see them here




The Riese & Müller Load4 

The Load4 is again not a business specific bike but can be set up to suit business needs. There's 2 different versions, the 60 and 75 which have different length cargo areas. Both can be set up with high sidewalls and either a hard box cover or a tarpaulin cover for deliveries or now even bigger utility box's. The main reason we and many love the Load is that it's full suspension and one of the most agile and comfortable cargo bikes around. 


Interested in how eCargo bikes can help your business? We're here to help guide you through the options and how to choose and set the bike up to suit your needs. Contact us for more information or book a showroom consultation here.

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