Kids & Cargo Bikes

Since we introduced Cargo bikes to our offering, we have seen a huge increase in popularity and not just with businesses, but families too! Kids are, of course, the most precious form of cargo and lots of our manufacturers understand that.

We have a wide range of options for families to get around on 1 bike, not just in budget but style options too. Below we have detailed some of the options we offer, the market is constantly evolving so this is what is available at present.


Riese & Müller have adapted your more typical bicycle into multi-use and multi-passenger whilst keeping a frame that most would perceive as a ‘standard bike’. With different frame shapes and sizes, they hope to have an option for everyone and the 26” wheels offer stability and have a different tyre option for if you want to be able to go off-road to explore a little more.

With this model the passengers are seated on the rear carrier. A passenger weighing up to 65 kg can grab a spot with the optional passenger kit or you can have one or two little ones safe and secure thanks to the optional safety bar kit with its comfortable foam seat, safety bar, sideloader and wheel guard. You can even mount a child’s bike onto the side loader if you wanted to travel somewhere the kids can cycle more freely. The Multicharger features the Bosch Smart system with 750wh battery and Performance Line CX motor with 85nm torque! View the model here.


Tern GSD

With a 200 kg (440 lb) Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight, the GSD is ready to replace your car. The GSD features 20” wheels and has an adjustable cockpit that resizes in seconds and without tools to fit riders 150 – 195 cm tall (4’11” – 6’5”), so you can easily share it with your family. Tern offer a huge amount of accessories which make the bike extremely versatile. Not only can you carry an adult passenger on a seat pad but you can also transport the kids whilst keeping them dry and cosy in the Clubhouse Fort all year round!

Being the same length as a standard bike and with the 20” wheels it is super stable riding, no matter what you’re hauling, or how wiggly your kids are! The low centre of gravity lets even smaller riders confidently manage heavy loads, and the step-thru frame makes getting on and off the bike a breeze. The GSD can also be parked vertically, so storage is no issue! Tern offer different model options and colours and all of the models feature the Bosch Cargo Line Motor with 85 Nm of torque and 400% support. View the model here.


Like the GSD in lots of ways just smaller and more compact! Whether you’re riding, storing, or moving it around, the HSD is a breeze to handle. It’s shorter than a regular bike and its weight is the same as a regular ebike. It may not look it, but the HSD is a mid-sized cargo bike with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 170 kg (374 lb). The HSD can carry one passenger on the rear carrier either on a seat pad of completely covered in the mini clubhouse. Within the different model options, you can either get the Bosch active Line + Motor with 50 Nm torque of the Performance line motor with 65 Nm torque. View the model here.


Combining the offering of the above models is The Multitinker! The low centre of gravity ensures stable riding behaviour, while the compact length saves space. You can safely carry up to two children or a larger passenger weighing up to 65 kg on the back of the Multitinker with the front luggage carrier provides additional space along with the standard frame bag for smaller items.

Younger passengers are well protected by the optional Safety bar kit, comfortable foam seat and spoke protector. The optional Passenger kit with its comfortable foam seat, spoke protector and handle, ensures comfortable seating for older passengers. The Multitinker is as compact as a normal E-Bike and, thanks to its low centre of gravity, is incredibly easy to ride even fully loaded up. You also have the option to upgrade the 20” tyres to something a little more robust to tackle tracks and trails. Feature the Bosch Smart System, 625Wh battery and Performance Line CX motor with 85nm torque! View the model here.

Load 75

Your more typical looking cargo bike, the Load4 60 & 75 offer a large comfortable space up front for up to three children that you can look over whilst riding. Well-protected under a practical cover when it’s raining and in the Load4 75, one of the children faces the rider while other two sit facing the direction of travel.

With its low centre of gravity, the Load4 combines riding dynamics and load options, like no other cargo bike. Being full suspension and with the option of more off-road tyres, this model can really take you places comfortably and safely. Featuring the Bosch Smart System and Cargo Line motor with 85 Nm torque. View the model here.

Raleigh Stride

Designed with ample room for your little ones, the Raleigh Stride features a large bucket at the front with a bench and belts for 2 children. Spacious and safe, there is plenty of room for the kids and their bags as well as keeping them protected with the deep bucket. You can also easily add a baby seat to keep your extra small ones extra protected.

The Raleigh stride features the Bosch Cargo Line motor with 85Nm Torque and Enviolo gears with a carbon belt drive for easy maintenance and use. View the model here.

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