Why Buy From Us?

We know you have a choice of where to buy, so we’d like to explain why we’re different.  Here’s our top 10 reasons.


  1. Industry Leading Products: Firstly, we carefully select which products make it into our Shop. Our reputation means we’re approached very regularly by other Manufacturers wanting us to sell their products.  All items we sell have been selected based on:  Quality: Value for money; back-up service and reliability. Our extensive experience means we can identify where the cheapest is not necessarily the best – we seek value for your money!


  1. Diverse Staff: Any business is only as good as its staff, so in addition to the family members, we recruit high quality individuals.  We train them to ensure they all have good product knowledge and can use our advanced systems. Mostly, we ensure they have a great customer service ethic and go out of their way to help. 


  1. Specialists, not generalists: We are a specialist, family owned, independent Electric Bike retailer – it’s what we do!  We’re one of the biggest in the country and have one of the largest range of Electric Bikes on display.  This focus enables us to understand the choices you have and the good and bad of any given decision. We want to help you make good decisions.  


  1. Choice of solutions: We offer Electric Bikes from 8 carefully selected brands. We have over 200+ models, with 10+ motor systems. Categories that include: City; Cargo; Commuting; Dutch; Family; Folding; and Off-Road bikes. The off-road range, includes:  hard-tail; full suspension; Cross Country; All mountain; Nduro and Downhill bikes.  We can even supply Tandems; Trikes and recumbents if required.


  1. Strong Relationships: We invest considerable time and effort in building great relationships with our suppliers. This benefits our customers as we often have access to the most in demand products. Mostly, it means that should you have a problem, we will be in a strong position to help you get it resolved. 


  1. Onsite Workshop: We invest in a “full-range” onsite workshop in Brighton Marina. It’s fully equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment and open 7 days a week. You can even book your Bike in online!  Contrast this to other shops who sub-contract out; or send bikes across the country to get them serviced!  Our workshop is in full-view – like a restaurant where you can watch the kitchen.


  1. Leading Partners: We’re proud to have some amazing partners. For example:


  1. Bosch, the leading supplier of Electric Bike motors has accredited us with their: “Bosch eBike Expert” status. 1 of only 10 nationally when awarded.
  2. Brighton & Hove City council: We’re delighted to participate in their “Active Travel” programme and regularly attend events at leading employers locally.
  3. Our beloved NHS. We think it’s great that we have “Care in the Community” nurses using Electric Bikes for their visits.  We also have multiple GP’s as customers and are actively working on many other solutions to help people live healthier lives.
  4. We were recently invited to attend the House of Commons, for an All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group meeting – the only Retailer present!
  5. We've also supplied our local Police force.


  1. Ways to Buy: We have a range of ways that you can buy your chosen Electric Bike. Of course, cash or card, but also Finance - choose between 0%, or a duration up to 48 months. Or perhaps the Cycle to Work (C2W) schemes suit you best? We are members of all the leading providers. Or are you a member of easit? Or want to use the Green Commute Initiative?  Just talk to us and we can normally find the best solution for you.


  1. Try before you Buy: We know Electric Bikes are amazing, but if you’ve never ridden one and need to understand the benefits for yourself, we offer a chance to “Try before you Buy”. We can normally provide a bike similar to the one you want to buy. We also have a tried and tested route – that includes a steep hill!!  If you feel you’d like a longer ‘test’, we also offer a range of Electric Bikes for Rent.


  1. Price Match: We’re confident of the overall package we offer and how that is designed to give you an epic customer experience. However, we also offer a Price Match.  Just tell us what you’ve seen and if it’s genuine and comparable we will normally be able to match it.


We believe that all of the above gives you, the customer, a unique solution.  It must be good, as our competitors are always copying us, but apparently: “imitation is the best form of flattery”.  

We’d also suggest you take time to read our Customer Reviews.  If you still have any doubts, please talk to us.  Or if you’re ready to proceed, of course we’d love to take your Order. 

Many thanks in advance.

View our full range of eBikes here or come and see us in our Brighton showroom.


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