What is an Electric Bike?

As you would expect, an Electric Bike or eBike bears a remarkable resemblance to a normal bike. It differs by having a Motor, a Battery, a Display Unit and a Remote Control Unit. There are also additional cables and sensors.

You ride an Electric Bike exactly as you would a legacy bike, but have the option of powered assistance. You can also choose from different levels of assistance as required. 


How well these components are integrated is one way of assessing the quality if the Electric Bike. Poor integration will leave you with maintenance that is more difficult, poor reliability and all in all, you’ll have a worse User Experience. Conversely, if you purchase a well-designed Electric Bike, you should get many years of enjoyable riding.

Another factor is the quality of the Electric Bike Components.  Buy a cheap Electric Bike and you'll get cheap components. This invariably leads to early failure, which in turn often necessitates the need for Spare Parts.  Sadly, not all Manufacturers consider replacement parts, which again leaves the Customer wishing they'd spent a little more and bought from a reputable brand first time.  

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