What are the benefits of an electric bike?

This will depend on your personal circumstances, but in simple terms, because Electric Bikes help make cycling fun again.

The phrase: Go Further, Faster, Get Fitter, Arrive Fresher, Have fun” – summarises it nicely. Let’s look at that in more detail:

Go Further:

Research has shown that people using Electric Bikes cycle more frequently, and also cycle longer distances. This is because the Electric Bike helps you tackle Hills and Headwinds etc. with much more confidence.

Psychology also plays a part: No one wants to run out of energy before they finish their ride, so most people leave a little “in the tank” for reassurance. Give them an Electric Bike and the reassurance comes in bucket loads – this means that in practise people broaden their horizons and explore further afield than was previously possible.



Having different power levels enables you to make a choice: You can either cycle the same ride, in the same time, and let the Electric Bike take the strain, or you may choose to put in the same effort and use the Electric Bikes power to speed you on your way faster than you otherwise would have.

Get Fitter (and Healthier)

Fact: People with Electric Bikes get MORE health benefit than those with legacy Bikes.  

We understand this is counter-intuitive for most people, but is born out by many formal research projects, including those from the University of Brighton and The Norwegian Department of Transport and others.  Because it's more fun, people cycle more often and when they're cycling, then tend to go further.  More frequent and further = more health benefits!

Arrive Fresher

Many people want to cycle to work, or even from meeting to meeting when they’re at work – but don’t want to arrive all hot & bothered. Allow the Electric Bike to assist you, perhaps on full power mode and enjoy getting to work or those meetings without congestion on the way and the eternal struggle for parking spaces.

You’ll arrive Fresher in a physical capacity, but also much fresher mentally as well. 

Koga Commute

More Inclusive

Many friends, couples and families enjoy cycling, but often find that one person is a stronger cyclist than the other(s), which can impact everyone’ enjoyment of the ride. The Electric Bike can help give a better balance to the groups capabilities, making sure no one is feeling embarrassed at holding the others up.

Extensive Research into Electric Bikes undertaken by the University of Brighton demonstrated that Electric Bikes are gender and ethnically much more neutral as well.


Have Fun

Whilst many people want an Electric bike for some or all of the above reasons, there are also many people just looking for an Electric Bike for Leisure purposes. Whatever your particular requirements, it’s highly likely you’ll enjoy your cycling much more when you use an Electric Bike – isn’t that a good enough reason to buy one on it’s own?

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