Buying an Electric Bike? How we help you on your journey.

Whether you are contemplating your first Electric Bike & haven’t cycled for decades; are a seasoned cyclist, but know little about Electric Bikes, or are after your latest model and know lots about the choices, we’re here to help.  
We’re used to meeting people of all ages; genders, ethnic backgrounds and knowledge levels and can guide you accordingly. 
Buying an Electric Bike is easy.  You’ll see them advertised on Shopping Channels; in Sunday supplements; on Social Media and a range of Retail outlets.  Buying the “right” Electric Bike is much more complex.
We have over 300 different Electric Bikes that we can offer.  These have all been pre-selected by us and meet our stringent quality criteria.  Helping you select which is the “right bike for you” is where our expertise and extensive experience helps take the ‘risk’ out of your decision.  
We always remember it’s your money. We assume you’ve worked hard to earn it and want you to spend it wisely. We’ll answer any questions you have, we’ll ask questions, to help us understand your requirements; and work together to arrive at a shortlist.  
When you know which bike(s) you’re interested in and we’ve checked the size, availability and how you want to pay us, we’ll normally be able to offer you a “Try before You Buy” demo ride as well.