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Koga Electric Bikes

Koga:  Love your Bike


All Koga bikes are built by hand in Heerenveen, NL. A single technician is responsible for the full assembly of each bike. The ‘handbuilt by Koga’ logo on the frame is the guarantee of this unique working practice. By individuals, for individuals. This close relationship to the product is reflected in the results: perfection down to the finest detail.


Koga meticulously checks all of the bicycles built in Heerenveen. All of them are thoroughly tested one by one and put through a comprehensive inspection, so we can guarantee they meet the highest standards of quality.


Koga Bikes are for connoisseurs and the more discerning customer. If you're looking for hand-finished Bikes, with a lifetime frame warranty, these could be the models for you.  Tell us which Koga best suits your lifestyle?

Come and see them in our shop based in Brighton Marina, Sussex.

Koga Electric Bikes

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