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Take a look at our range of Electric Bikes Below. We have all sorts of eBikes from full downhill Electric Bikes to Dutch style leisure eBikes. If you have any questions about any of our eBikes please do not hesitate to contact us on 01273 625060 or email us at info@elctrc.co.uk. 

Or come and see/test ride the Electric Bikes for yourself at our shop, based in Brighton Marina, Sussex.


Electric Bikes

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Raleigh Centros Crossbar Hub
£2,999.00 £3,099.00
Raleigh Centros Lowstep Hub
£2,999.00 £3,099.00
Sold Out
Raleigh Motus GT Crossbar Hub
£2,699.00 £2,799.00
Raleigh Motus GT Lowstep Derailleur
From £2,599.00 £2,699.00
Raleigh Motus GT Lowstep Hub
£2,699.00 £2,799.00
Raleigh Motus Lowstep
From £1,799.00 £2,199.00