Your Bosch eBike Battery and Electric Bikes Sussex.

Your Bosch eBike Battery and Electric Bikes Sussex.

Do you ever wonder what’s happening inside your Bosch eBike Battery?   Here at Electric Bikes Sussex, we get lots of customers and potential customers, asking us about the life of the battery and like everyone else, we’ve had to take an educated guess – until now!!


As the leading manufacturer of Electric Bike Motors, Bosch understand the importance of Battery life. They have always invested in the highest quality Cells available and are generally regarded as the Market Leader. Bosch also invest heavily in their after-sales capability and have just released a new tool to enable a Battery to be assessed in far greater detail than was previously possible.


We’d like to introduce you to the new Bosch eBike Capacity Tester. This enables us, as an accredited “Bosch eBike Expert” to measure the energy content of all Bosch eBike batteries. Connecting via our existing Bosch Diagnostic tool, it takes a fully charged battery and assess each and every cell within. The end result is a summarised Customer report showing the original capacity (EG: 400wh) and the current capacity.


At Electric Bikes Sussex, we’re always extending the range of services we offer our Customers and have therefore invested in our own Bosch eBike Capacity Tester. So we can now offer you the chance, for just £25.00, to have your Bosch eBike battery tested, with a copy of the Bosch report included.


You can book this service via our website, or of course telephone us if you prefer. We will need you to bring the battery to us fully charged please – we don’t need the Bike, but you can of course cycle here and back if required. The test takes a number of hours and you may get the battery back with zero charge, although we’ll happily re-charge it if there’s time.


The online booking link is here:

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