Our Favourite Products for 2019!

2019 is setting up to be a big year for Electric Bikes, As the market continues to grow, more and more products, ideas and updates are being introduced. We thought the best way to showcase some of these and to also share more about us as individuals, would be a blog post sharing what each member of the EBS team is most excited for this year. 

Graham - MD

As Electric Bike specialists, I’m lucky enough to get to try all sorts of new Electric Bikes on a regular basis.  As one of the very few people in the UK to test ride the new Haibike Flyon range, I was completely blown away.  This is German engineered performance taken to the next level and re-establishes Haibike as THE brand in its sector.  

What’s so great I hear you ask? Well, the Bikes look amazing. The new totally integrated technology makes the Bikes look stunning - even better in reality than the pictures suggest.  The larger battery (630kw) will mean fewer charges; the control system is even more intuitive, with colour coded power levels.  But of course, it’s the Power that really impresses.  120nM of torque - or 50% more than existing motors.  

Riding on-road, you’re going to find yourself across the junction and ‘up to speed’ even quicker - that’s safer.  Off-Road, that extra power will facilitate riding in places and hills that you otherwise couldn’t achieve.  Up steeper hills, faster and more enjoyably.

We're pretty confident that the Flyon range will be a massive hit with the Public and are recommending our Customers get their Orders in ASAP.

Lucy - Shop Manager

I'm most excited for the Raleigh Centros! I commute on my Electric Bike through Brighton and Hove and am most excited about using the new Raleigh Centros! I love the way the bike looks and how comfortable it is. The upright riding position paired with the suspension seat-post and Selle Royal Gel saddle make it a joy to ride. The battery gives me a fantastic range and being integrated, makes the whole look of the bike a lot slicker. The Bosch Active Line Plus Motor gives me the extra help I need tackling the hills and strong head winds along the seafront and fitted with bright lights means I can jump on and the bike is ready to go!

Jake - Sales Assistant

The bike I’m most excited by for 2019 is the Gocycle GX!
Gocycle have been making great eBikes for a number of years now, the GX is their 5th model and will be sold along side the successful G3 and GS models. Why’s this one particularly exciting? It’s their quickest-folding Electric Bike yet, folding in under 10 seconds.
I’ve always liked how easy the Gocycle is to maintain and use due to its completely integrated drivetrain and battery, this makes day-to-day commuting hassle free and enjoyable. Not only that, it takes away the risk of grease on your leg or clothes from touching the chain, this becomes particularly beneficial when you cycle in your work clothes.
The combination of the balloon like tyres, rear suspension and comfortable riding position means it makes city cycling fun. It really is a bike you can just get on and go. Now they’ve made one that has all these same benefits but folds without the need to take the wheels off and in less than 10 seconds.

Brad - Workshop Technician

I'm most excited for the Haibike Sduro FullSeven 5.0. I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to use an E-bike for my commute, a 22 mile round trip with mixed terrain and a few sizeable hills thrown in the mix, so I opted to ride a Haibike with the Yamaha PW-SE system.

I am a fan of the PW-SE as it really suits my riding style, the way the power is delivered is almost instant meaning as soon as I put my foot down I go! This is beneficial when I am setting off at traffic lights or when the roads start to angle upwards. Another feature I like about this system is there is less of a drag effect compared to other motor systems, once I exceed the 15.5 Mph assistance limit I can go as fast as my legs are willing to push a 22KG bike.

The reason I am particularly excited about the Sduro FullSeven 5.0 is because 2019 is the year Yamaha have brought out their in-tube battery system. I am a real fan of the new in-tube technology as it gives the bike a more integrated and clean look, this combined with the PW-SE motor and the riding characteristics of the Sduro FullSeven creates a really versatile yet capable Electric Mountain Bike at an attractive price point.

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