Our Exciting Trip to Eurobike: Exploring the Best New Accessories and Updates

Our Exciting Trip to Eurobike: Exploring the Best New Accessories and Updates

Every year, the cycling world gathers for one of its most anticipated events: Eurobike. Held in Germany, Eurobike is the premier trade show for all things bicycle-related, drawing manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and enthusiasts from around the globe. This year, we attended Eurobike with the goal of discovering the latest and greatest in cycling accessories, and we were not disappointed. Here’s a recap of our experience and our favorite finds from the show.

What is Eurobike?

Eurobike is the largest trade show in the bicycle industry, showcasing innovations, trends, and products. It started in 1991 and has grown to become the ultimate platform for unveiling new technologies and designs in the cycling world. The event features a diverse range of exhibitors, from major brands to emerging startups, and offers interactive elements like test tracks and live demonstrations. For anyone involved in the cycling industry, Eurobike is an essential event.

Why We Attended

Our core ethos is to get more people on bikes, and Eurobike is the perfect place to find new products that can help us achieve that goal. We attended to explore the latest innovations, meet with industry leaders, and discover accessories that can enhance the cycling experience for our customers. This year, we found an array of exciting new products that we can’t wait to share with you.

Favourite Accessories from Eurobike

  1. ABUS Fingerprint Operated Locks

    • Chain and Folding Locks: Security is always a top priority for cyclists, and ABUS has raised the bar with their new fingerprint-operated chain and folding locks. These locks offer a high level of security with the convenience of biometric access, making it easier and faster to secure your bike. Coming soon. 


  1. ABUS Smart Helmet

    • Full Width Light and Indicator System: Safety and visibility are crucial, especially for urban cyclists. ABUS introduced a helmet equipped with a full-width light on the back and a front light. The rear light can also be used as an indicator, flashing one half to signal turns, operated by a handlebar control system. This innovative design enhances rider visibility and safety on the road. Availability date coming soon.


  1. Rohloff E-14 Trigger Shifter

    • Advanced Ergonomics and Customisation: Rohloff has released the new E-14 Trigger Shifter, which elevates the ergonomics of their E-14 system. This shifter is designed for maximum durability and is fully Made in Germany, aligning with Rohloff's sustainability goals. The trigger shifter is retrofittable to all existing Rohloff E-14/Bosch combinations and offers customisable shift direction via the E-14 2.0 App. This feature provides a relaxed and precise shifting experience. These should be landing later this year.
  1. Schwalbe Clik Valve

    • Intuitive and Compatible: Schwalbe’s new Clik Valve simplifies the process of inflating tires. With its intuitive click system, the pump head easily attaches and detaches from the valve with minimal effort. Their will be pump and valve conversion kits, making it a versatile and convenient addition to any cyclist’s toolkit. Kits should be in stock later this year.


  1. Schwalbe Tires

    • Marathon Mondial and Smart Sam Cargo: Schwalbe continues to lead in tire innovation. The Marathon Mondial is now available in e-bike and SUV sizes, offering unparalleled durability and performance. The Smart Sam Cargo tire is perfect for off-road adventures, providing maximum puncture protection and excellent rolling resistance. Contact us if either is of interest.
  1. SpaceCamper Tent and Travel Solution

    • For Riese & Müller Load: SpaceCamper introduced a unique tent and travel solution specifically designed for the Riese & Müller Load. This setup includes a chair/bed configuration with a tent over the top, making it perfect for bike-packing and extended tours. Contact us for availability.
  1. KlickFix Brackets for Bosch Displays

    • Versatile Mounting Solutions: KlickFix unveiled new brackets for Bosch displays that allow for quick and easy mounting of various bags, baskets, and boxes. These brackets enhance the functionality and convenience of bike storage. Expect these in store and listed on website very soon.
  1. Hiplok D1000 Lock Bracket

    • Compatible with KlickFix and Rear Pannier Racks: Hiplok introduced a new bracket for their popular D1000 lock. This bracket can be mounted to KlickFix brackets and most rear pannier racks, offering a secure and convenient way to carry your lock while riding. Due in early next year, however newer bigger lock and floor anchors in stock now.
  1. Lazer Eco-Friendly Helmet

    • Easily Recyclable Design: Lazer presented a helmet that disassembles into different materials, making it easier to recycle at the end of its life. As well as being made from 70% recycled materials, helping towards a circular economy. This innovative approach supports sustainability in the cycling industry. 
  1. Innovative Bike Box

    • Foldable and Reusable: A foldable, reusable bike box caught our attention as a smart solution to reduce packaging waste. This box is ideal for shipping and storing bikes in an environmentally friendly way. 
  1. Quick Release and Strap-On Bike Racks

    • From SKS and Topeak: We discovered a range of new bike racks, some featuring mudguards, that can be quickly attached and detached. These racks are perfect for commuters and adventure cyclists who need versatile cargo solutions. Should be available soon, contact us for more info.
  1. Squire D16 Max Lock

    • Angle Grinder Resistant: Security was a big theme, and the Squire D16 Max Lock stood out with its angle grinder-resistant design. This lock offers top-tier protection for high-value bikes. In store now.
  1. Bike Frames on Display

    • Unassembled Showcase: Seeing bike frames from various brands in their unassembled state was fascinating. It provided a deeper understanding of the construction and design that goes into making high-quality bicycles.
  1. Range Control

    • Battery Management for E-Bikes: Range Control is a feature designed to alleviate range anxiety by helping riders plan their routes with precise battery management. Through the eBike Flow app, users can set their desired battery level upon arrival, and the system adjusts motor support to ensure this level is maintained. This smart feature uses AI and system information to provide accurate battery usage predictions, making e-bike rides more efficient and stress-free. Available on the app now.
  2. Range of Rack Mounted Child Seats

    • For Long Tail Cargo Bikes: We were impressed by the variety of rack-mounted child seats from brands like Urban Iki and Bobike. These seats cater to different age groups and include features like reclining options, allowing children to sleep comfortably during rides. These versatile and secure child seats make family biking even more accessible and enjoyable. contact us for stock availability. 
Other noteworthy pictures
A stage transported and set up by cargo bike!
A KMC tattoo on the KMC stand


Our trip to Eurobike was an incredible experience filled with exciting discoveries. The event underscored the importance of innovation and sustainability in the cycling industry. We are thrilled to bring these new accessories and technologies to our customers, helping them ride safer, more efficiently, and with greater enjoyment. Stay tuned as we integrate these fantastic products into our offerings, and join us in embracing the future of cycling!

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