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Security is a big topic when it comes to Bikes, particularly Electric Bikes. Insurance is something we recommend to all our customers for that 'just in case' peace of mind, but keeping the bike you have safe is important! 

We sell lots of different brands of locks; Abus, Kryptonite, AXA & Hiplok to mention a few. All the brands we stock feature locks that are approved but the ‘Sold Secure’ credential.

Sold Secure is the test house of choice for security products. Backed by the home office, Sold Secure are dedicated to reducing the risk of crime by the assessment of security products through manual attack testing. Manufacturers and suppliers can apply to have products approved by Sold Secure. Products which have been satisfactorily assessed will show the coveted Sold Secure Approved quality mark on their label.

As listed below, there are 4 different levels that a lock can meet security wise;

Offering theft resistance against a basic tool list, typically offers defence against the opportunist thief.

Offering theft resistance against an enhanced tool list (aimed at preventing more determined attacked) and a compromise between security and cost.

Offering theft resistance against a dedicated tool list and a high level of resistance against a dedicated thief.

The highest level of theft resistance including use of specialist tools (that could include angle grinders) therefore offering the highest level of security.


Locks that are typically designed for bikes can also hold secure ratings for Motorbikes, Motor Scooters, Jet Skis and more! We typically recommend a minimum-security level of Gold and have a wide range of options that are both gold and diamond rated. Diamond is a newer rating that has been brought in and a lot of the brands we do have been designing locks particularly focused on being anti-angle grinder.


If you are going down the Bike Insurance route, your chosen company will usually request you have at least a Sold Secure gold lock. With 60% of bike thefts happening at home, they will also request that whatever you are locking the bike to is also of a particular safety level. Ground anchors are the most common installation people make to lock their bikes too. They can be bolted to the wall, floor, or anywhere you wish to lock your bike. The Ground anchors are another product that come with a Sold Secure Credential and again we would recommend a Gold Secure at minimum.

We sell a wide range of locks of all different ratings, Explore our range here.

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