Haibike 2020 - What's New?

We’ve just returned from the Haibike UK 2020 product launch. Where the top Haibike dealers in the UK were invited to attend presentations on the new models and see them in the flesh.

So what new Haibike updates are there for 2020?

It’s the year of the motor, with 4 brand new drive systems being introduced to the Haibike range!

There's also new frame designs, batteries and more. 



New for 2020 is the Gen4 Bosch Performance Line Cx motor. This is smaller and lighter then the previous Cx, with a 48% reduction in size!

This motor comes with an updated gearbox concept, which will significantly reduce pedalling resistance when riding over 25km/h or when riding without assistance. This creates a more natural riding sensation.

Bosch Cx

The new Bosch Cx motor will give you up to 340% support and kick in even quicker from stationary then before. It will also feature Bosch’s intuitive automatic Emtb mode seen on the previous generation, which many of our customers love.

Expect to see this motor on mid to high-end mountain and trekking bikes.

Also new for MY20 from Bosch is the 625Wh Powertube. This combined with Haibikes new frame design below means you can also fit a 500wh external battery, creating a total capacity of 1,125Wh! Great for longer distance off-road riding or touring.

Haibike have a completely new frame design for their full suspension bikes fitted with the new Bosch Cx motor and 625Wh PowerTube. They have designed the frame so that the battery is as low as possible in the down-tube, having the weight this low keeps the centre of gravity low and improves handling and stability. They’ve also designed it so there is enough room between the down-tube and the rear shock to allow an external battery to be fitted close to the motor, again keeping the centre of gravity low.



2020 sees the launch of the Yamaha PW-X2, the next generation of the very popular PW-X motor. This is smaller, lighter and quieter than its predecessor! Not only that but thanks to its quad sensor system and new mechanical design it has an even quicker and more direct power response than before.

Yamaha have also improved the power delivery at higher cadences, at 100rpm power delivery is up to 50% higher than before.

Another new feature is Yamahas Automatic support mode, this will change automatically between Eco, Standard and High based on your input. Great for trail riding so you can keep your eyes on the track in front of you and not on the screen.

Expect to see this on mid to high-end mountain bikes in the Haibike range.

Yamaha have also launched the PW-ST, this is also lighter and quieter than previous models, coming in at 100g less then its predecessor.

New features on this include the quad sensor system, improved power at higher cadence and the Automatic support mode mentioned above. 

This motor has less torque then the PW-X2 and is designed for less extreme more relaxed riding. 

Expect to see this on low to mid-end mountain and trekking bikes.

There are also now Yamaha 400 and 500wh in-tube batteries in the Haibike product range. This means you can now get in-tube technology at a more entry-level price point, likely to start at around £2000.



The highly anticipated Haibike Flyon range is likely to be landing in store very soon. The Flyon bikes will use a TQ Motor, which is made in Germany. This is currently the most powerful crank drive motor on the market with 120Nm of torque. Haibike have had access to customise and tune the TQ system to their requirements. This has created smooth and intuitive power delivery and control.

They will also use a 630 Wh, 48v integrated battery. Which can be charged either on the bike or off of it. With this Haibike will be launching an optional quick charger that can charge this battery from empty to 80% in just 60 minutes.

All of the Flyon bikes have carbon frames, integrated cable routing and Haibikes Modular Rail System (MRS)! Not only this but the speed sensor is integrated into the frame dropout and the newly developed speed sensor disk sends 18 signals per rotation!  This means it is measuring the speed 18 times more accurately than the standard magnet on the spoke seen on other systems.

Also, all of the Flyon bikes can come with integrated lights that run off the battery. The rear lights integrate onto the rear triangle of the frame!

There will be a number of different Flyon models. From Nduro to Adventure/Trekking bikes.


View the full range of 2020 Haibikes on our website here.

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