Exploring the Smart System: What's New for Bosch eBikes in 2024?

Exploring the Smart System: What's New for Bosch eBikes in 2024?

Many of you will now be aware about the Bosch Smart System, the latest generation of Bosch motors and Technology, it’s been rolling in on bikes now for the last year or so and there’s already been some exciting products and updates! If you’re not already aware, read our blog post on it here. In this blog post we explore the exciting new products and features introduced for 2024 into the Bosch Smart System. From drive units to remotes and displays, as well as battery options, there's something for every rider to discover.

Drive Units:

We’ve already seen new Bosch Performance Line, Performance Line CX and Cargo Line motors with the smart system on various models from the likes of Tern, Haibike and Riese & Müller and some of you will have already experienced it. For 2024, 3 new motors have been launched into the Smart System range!

  1. Active Line: Experience the quietest drive in Bosch's portfolio, perfect for relaxed everyday riding.
  2. Active Line Plus: Ideal for city trips and countryside excursions, offering quiet performance.
  3. Performance Line SX: The lightest and most compact drive unit it weighs just 2kg, tailored for eMTBs, eGravel, and eUrban bikes.
Bosch Motor Comparison

Remotes and Displays:

  1. Purion 200:  The two-in-one control unit and display offer convenient functionality for eBike riders. Mounted next to the grip, it allows for easy control with the thumb, promoting safer riding by keeping eyes on the road. The compact design fits neatly on the handlebar, providing essential information at a glance and contributing to a modern aesthetic. With useful features and a quick-to-read display, this solution supports riders on their journeys, whether navigating city streets or exploring the countryside.
  2. New Features for the Kiox 500 and Kiox 300: an individually customisable display indicator for Kiox 500 and Kiox 300 users. With the eBike Flow app, you have the freedom to define the order and content of screens, available from summer onwards. Customise the status bar to display battery charge level, time, or speed, all directly from your control unit, ensuring you get the precise information you need during your ride. Additionally, transform your Kiox 300 or Kiox 500 into a key for your eBike. Simply remove the display from the mount and stow it away for added protection. When ready to ride, reinsert the display to activate motor support and embark on your journey hassle-free.


  1. Introduction of a range of new batteries; the 400wh CompactTube, weighing only 2kg, this combined with the new SX motor means you have a combined motor/battery system of around 4kg, the lightest system from Bosch yet! Bosch have also launched there biggest battery yet with the 800wh Frame battery! As well as bringing rack mounted batteries into the smart system, meaning there will be a range of different bike integration set ups coming.
  2. Range Extender: The new PowerMore 250 provides additional battery power in a portable, convenient size. This can be combined with PowerTubes and ComapactTubes to give additional range (Only if the software is set up for it and there is a compatible mount.)
  3. 2A Charger: The lightest charger option, perfect for smaller batteries or on-the-go charging needs.

With these new additions and updates, Bosch continues to push the boundaries of e-bike technology, providing riders with enhanced performance, convenience, and customization options. Explore the possibilities and elevate your riding experience with Bosch's 2024 Smart System.

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