Eurobike 2024: Exciting Updates from Our Favorite E-Bike Brands

Eurobike 2024: Exciting Updates from Our Favorite E-Bike Brands

This year’s Eurobike was a treasure trove of innovations and updates, especially from the e-bike brands we proudly stock. From Riese & Müller’s groundbreaking design changes to new advancements in drive systems, there’s a lot to be excited about. Here’s a closer look at the latest updates from our top e-bike brands, starting with the incredible advancements from Riese & Müller.

Riese & Müller: Redefining Excellence with the new Delite, SuperDelite, and Homage Models

Riese & Müller continues to push the boundaries of e-bike technology, and their latest updates are no exception. Here are the standout features and enhancements they’ve introduced:

  1. Pinion MGU (Motor.Gearbox.Unit)

    • Next-Generation Drive System: The Pinion MGU combines a powerful electric motor with Pinion’s proven gear technology and electronic shifting. This innovative system offers:
      • Powerful mid-motor with electronic 12-gear shifting
      • Natural riding feel
      • Shifting while stationary or under full load
      • 600% gear range
      • Low-maintenance, closed system

  1. Standard RX Chip Connectivity

    • Seamless Integration and Anti-Theft Protection: All new models mentioned above now come standard with the RX Chip, ensuring your bike is always connected. This allows you to access vital bike data anytime, providing peace of mind with built-in GPS tracking and motion alarms to protect against theft.
  2. Enhanced Battery Cover

    • Durable and Functional Design: The new aluminium battery cover, now matching the frame colour, is lockable and fully removable. It doubles as a transport cover, thanks to its independence from the battery, and features plastic trim to protect the frame's paintwork. Convenient plastic risers allow safe placement without scratches.
  3. Standard Lowerable Seatpost

    • Increased Comfort and Convenience: The new lowerable seatpost is standard on all models in this range, enhancing comfort when mounting, dismounting, or stopping at traffic lights.
  4. Revised Carrier Design

    • Improved Load Handling: The permanently fixed, co-sprung carrier has been completely redesigned. It ensures optimal riding characteristics even when fully loaded, and a new pannier rack option is available for all three models.

  1. Multi-Drive Compatibility

    • Versatile Drive Systems: The frames are now compatible with various drive systems without changing the motor bracket or down tube. This flexibility allows for different motor and battery combinations, all fully integrated for a sleek look. We can now offer more tailored advice on motor power.

  1. Sustainable Frame Production

    • Eco-Friendly Manufacturing: Frame production for these models has moved to Portugal, shortening transport routes and reducing environmental impact. With over 34% recycled aluminium content (ASI-certified), Riese & Müller are committed to sustainability and material circularity.


  1. Refined Appearance and Geometry

    • Smooth Welding and New Colours: The frames feature flowing transitions and barely visible welds thanks to Smooth Welding. New powder-coated frame colours add a fresh, eco-conscious look. The revised geometry offers a more agile ride, improved weight distribution, and enhanced stability.

We were fortunate to test ride one of the new models featuring the Pinion Drive, and it was incredible. The ride offered smooth power delivery, ample torque, a vast gear range, and intuitive, quick gear shifts, with the added option of automatic gearing. These models will be dropping later in the year, pre orders opening soon, full product page and info soon.

New Innovations from Riese & Müller

In addition to the major updates on the Delite, SuperDelite, and Homage models, Riese & Müller also introduced several exciting new products and enhancements:

  1. Multitinker Child Raincover

    • Enhanced Weather Protection: The new child raincover for the Multitinker longtail cargo bike ensures that young passengers stay dry and comfortable, no matter the weather. Expect this towards the end of the year.

    1. Packster 70 Design Update

      • Improved Child Carrying: The Packster 70 front-loading cargo bike now features lower side walls and a high-quality raincover, offering better protection and visibility for children.
  1. UBN Drop Handlebar Version

    • Versatile Commuter and Gravel Bike: A new drop handlebar version of the UBN is now available, tailored for both commuting and light gravel riding, providing a more dynamic riding experience.

  1. New Colours and Spec Updates

    • Fresh Aesthetic Choices: Various existing models have received new colour options and minor spec updates, keeping the lineup fresh and appealing.
  1. Carrie Model

    • Award-Winning Design: The previously mentioned Riese & Müller Carrie model won a Eurobike gold award and is now fully launched and available in store. This model showcases Riese & Müller's commitment to innovation, quality, and user-friendly design.

Tern: Introducing the Quick Haul Long

Tern has also made waves at Eurobike 2024 with the launch of their new model, the Quick Haul Long and the previously mentioned Tern Orox winning a Gold Award. The Quick Haul Long compact cargo bike is designed to be both practical and economical, offering a family-friendly solution for urban transportation. These are available to order now, due in end of August. Contact us for more info.

  1. Compact Cargo Design

    • Family-Oriented: The Quick Haul Long is capable of carrying two children, making it an ideal choice for families. It features a longtail design with ample cargo space and a solid kickstand for stability.
  2. Bosch Cargo System

    • Premium Motor: Equipped with the Bosch Cargo system and motor, the Quick Haul Long ensures reliable and efficient performance. It stands out as one of the most affordable compact cargo bikes with a premium motor on the market.
  3. Competitively Priced Alternative

    • Accessible Pricing: The Quick Haul Long is a more competitively priced version of the already popular Tern GSD, expanding Tern’s range and making high-quality cargo bikes more accessible to a broader audience.
  4. Safety and Durability

    • German DIN 79010 Standard: The Quick Haul Long is tested to the rigorous German DIN 79010 cargo bike standard, ensuring top-notch safety and durability.
  5. Versatile and Adaptable

    • Customizable with Tern Accessories: The bike is compatible with the Tern Accessory System, allowing users to customize it for various needs, from carrying cargo to transporting children or pets.

Advanced: Expanding Horizons with New Designs and Colours

Advanced is another brand that has broadened its range of products, bringing exciting updates to its already popular models. Here’s what’s new:

  1. New Colours 

    • Enhanced Aesthetics: The Offroad Pro Gravel Dropbar and other models now come in new, striking colours, providing more options for riders to choose from. Expect these later this year.

  1. Future Models

    • Innovative Designs and Specifications: Expect more advanced models to land in store later in the year, featuring brand new designs, specs, and price points. These new additions will offer cutting-edge technology and design, further establishing Advanced as a leader in the e-bike market.

Other Notable E-Bike Innovations at Eurobike

In addition to Riese & Müller’s and Tern's impressive updates, several other brands showcased exciting new products and technologies.

  1. Rohloff's New Trigger Shifter

    • Enhanced Shifting Experience: The new Rohloff E-14 Trigger Shifter (Art. 8801-04) brings improved ergonomics and customizability to the E-14 system. It's backward-compatible and allows users to choose shift directions through the E-14 2.0 App, offering a precise and relaxed shifting experience.
  2. Range Control

    • Smart Battery Management: Range Control is designed to alleviate range anxiety by helping riders plan routes with precise battery management. Through the eBike Flow app, users can set their desired battery level upon arrival, and the system adjusts motor support to ensure this level is maintained. This smart feature uses AI and system information to provide accurate battery usage predictions, making e-bike rides more efficient and stress-free.


Our trip to Eurobike 2024 has left us inspired and excited about the future of e-biking. With innovative updates from Riese & Müller, Tern, Advanced, and other leading brands, we’re eager to bring these advancements to our customers. These new features not only enhance the performance and convenience of e-bikes but also underscore a commitment to sustainability and user-centric design. Stay tuned as we continue to integrate these incredible products into our offerings, helping you experience the best in e-bike technology.

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