Bosch eBike Battery Care guide

Electric Bike battery technology has come on a long way over the years and caring for them is relatively simple. It’s important to realise that not all batteries use the same quality components, so this guide is specific to Bosch eBike batteries, which are of the highest standard. Because of this, if they are well looked after they will probably last you a long time!

The battery is relatively easy to handle thanks to some smart design features integrated by Bosch.


All Bosch based Bikes that we sell have batteries that are easily detachable from the bike for charging and are locked onto the frame or rack for security.


Locking the battery in or on the frame is straightforward. One of our top tips is to re-lock the barrel and remove, this means when you then mount the battery there is an audible click to let you know that he battery is secure. This process is slightly different with the internally mounted PowerTube battery, the difference being that often the key must remain in the barrel to allow you to re insert the battery.

When handling or moving the battery, it’s important to be very cautious, dropping a battery can damage and potentially destroy the battery, most have a neatly integrated handle making it easy to carry and transport, it is recommended that, when possible, handle the battery with two hands.


Here’s Bosch’s Top Tips for handling batteries

Double protection – Each individual cell in a Bosch rechargeable battery is protected by a rugged steel cup and held in a plastic housing. The housing must not be opened. Mechanical stress and excessive heat must also be avoided as they could damage the battery cells and cause flammable contents to leak out.

Storage – Excessive heating should be avoided, and Bosch batteries and chargers must not be stored in the vicinity of heat sources of flammable materials. We recommend storage in uninhabited rooms with smoke detectors. Dry locations with an ambient temperature of roughly 20°C are the most suitable.

Cleaning – Cleaning with a direct water jet is impermissible, in particular to protect the electronic components. A damp cloth is more suitable for this task. Always remove the battery before cleaning the eBike.


Caring for the battery, is straight forward and can even prolong the service life of the battery, here’s what Bosch recommends for care…

Charging – Batteries should be charged in a dry location and at room temperature.

Storage – It is recommended to store batteries in a dry location at temperatures between 0 and 20°C. If you plan to leave your battery for lengthy periods without use the ideal charge status of storage is approx. 30 to 60% or two to three LEDs on the battery indicator. It is not recommended to leave your battery completely full or completely empty.

Winter use – During winter use (particularly below 0°C) we recommend charging and storing the battery at room temperature before inserting the battery in the eBike immediately before riding it. For longer journeys in the cold, it is advisable to use thermal protective covers.

Transport – For transport, the battery should always be removed from the eBike and safely transported in your car, for example.

Inspection – Using a diagnostic unit, elctrc can check the health status of the eBike, especially the battery, and inform you of the number of charging cycles.

As a Bosch eBike expert we have the facilities to check the health of the batteries, enquire with us to find out more about this service.  

Charging batteries
As battery technology has evolved, so have the chargers and more importantly the charging times. Bosch now quotes some impressive charging times, with Bosch’s Fast Charger Bosch quotes it can charge a 500Wh battery from to 0 – 100% in as little as 3 hours.
There are some variables that can affect the battery during the charging process.
Here is what Bosch recommends…

Factors that shorten the service life:
Heavy-load use
Storage at below 0°C, or over 30°C ambient temperature.
Prolonged storage in a fully charged or fully discharged state
Parking the eBike in direct sunlight

Factors that extend the service life:
Low-load use
Storage at a temperature between 0 and 20°C
Storage at approx. 30 – 60% charge status
Parking the eBike in the shade or a cool location
Disposing of the battery
As with all batteries they should be disposed of in a responsible way. Dealers offer a free, environmentally friendly service for disposing of your Bosch rechargeable batteries. In this way, valuable raw materials re-enter the cycle and resources are conserved. Simply take the rechargeable battery to your dealer – perhaps on your eBike.

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