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Haibike - Who are they?

Haibike: Pioneering E-Bike Evolution

1995: A Vision Takes Shape Founded in the quaint German city of Schweinfurt in 1995, Haibike emerged under the name of its parent brand, Winora. Swiftly transitioning to its distinctive identity, Haibike began a 15-year journey marked by innovation and technical advancements.

2010: The Birth of eMTBs Haibike unveiled the groundbreaking eQ XDURO, heralded as the forefather of all eMTBs. This off-road marvel showcased Haibike's turned motor concept and initiated a surge in demand. Gravity Casting technology also made its debut, enhancing stability and precision in components like the engine mount.

2011: Awards and Expansions The XDURO RX secured the prestigious iF Design Award, solidifying Haibike's commitment to design excellence. The introduction of the eQ XDURO 29 blended two major trends—29-inch wheels and eBikes. Concurrently, the XDURO Race set the stage for the "fast road" category.

2012: Sporting Success and AllMountain Innovation Haibike gained momentum with German mountain biking icon Sabine Spitz joining as an ambassador. In the same year, Sabine clinched Olympic Silver in London. Maximilian Semsch's "Around OZ" tour, covering almost 10,000 miles, showcased the durability of XDURO Trekking. Haibike expanded its range with the first AllMountain eBike and the XDURO Trekking S, capable of reaching 45km/h.

2013: ePerformance Takes Center Stage Haibike introduced the term "ePerformance," emphasizing the fusion of human and electric performance. The XDURO² replaced the legendary XDURO, featuring design enhancements like the double-bent top tube and the SkidPlate. The eNduro, with 180mm travel, opened new frontiers in eBiking.

2014: Milestones Galore Haibike's SDURO line debuted with a YAMAHA drive unit, quickly earning accolades. The introduction of the eFully marked the beginning of the carbon era in the eBike market. Haibike received five iF Awards simultaneously, a first in history. The XDURO FS was crowned "eBike of the Year" in the USA.

2015: eDownhill and Pro Endorsements The XDURO Dwnhll PRO shattered norms, presenting a downhill bike that excelled uphill. German mountain biking champion Guido Tschugg switched to Haibike, challenging perceptions of ePerformance.

2016: Distance Records and Digital Innovation Australian couple Gary and Rachel Corbett set new distance records on Haibikes, covering Europe. Haibike embraced the digital era with eConnect, integrating GPS-based theft control and riding log features. Pro biker Andi Wittmann switched to Haibike.

2017-2018: Innovation Unleashed Haibike introduced the Modular Rail System and InTube Battery Concept, offering flexibility and aesthetic integration. Renowned freeride champion Sam Pilgrim joined Haibike, leveraging the XDURO line to redefine eMountainbiking limits.

2019-Present: Haibike continues to be a trailblazer in the world of electric bikes, constantly pushing boundaries and shaping the evolution of eBiking. New riders include YouTube Mtb couple Tom Cardy & Kara Beal! As well as freeriding legend Chris Smith! 

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