I bought a Raleigh motus in October 2015 and haven't looked back. After having two children, I found myself not quite fit enough to cycle up some of those severe Brighton hills anymore. This was a particular problem for me, as I live at the top of a hill so for two years, I couldn't cycle anywhere. I was anxious about buying an electric bike because they seemed expensive, but as sooned as I walked into Electric bikes one Saturday afternoon, I was hooked. I chose my bike because I liked the way it looked like a traditional shopper, but with added power. Plus, I have to admit, I liked the fact it was a Raleigh, as we always had them growing up so I trusted the brand name. I haven't been disappointed: it has been really reliable.

I use my bike for everything- I cycle to work, into town to study or shop and also for nights out. Initially, I loved it so much I was worried about leaving it unattended, but I bought a couple of good locks and now I never worry. I love the way I can accelerate away from lights and get out of the way of cars more quickly; and I REALLY love the way I can make it up any hill. If I want to push myself, I keep the power low but if I'm tired and I just want to get home, I will use turbo to glide myself home. The suspension is great, too, making it a really comfortable ride.

I have enjoyed the increased fitness the bike has given me, and the confidence it gives me to try longer rides. It has also encouraged my children to get into bike riding, although they complain that I get help up the hills, hehe. Mostly, I love the fact that I get so much more fresh air than I did before.

The only problem with my bike is that I chose a model with the battery on the back of the bike, under the pannier rack. This has meant that I can't attach a tagalong for my youngest child, which I would have loved to do. However, this really is the only negative I can think of. I sound like they've paid me to write a positive review, but I promise they haven't! I just really love my bike. I highly recommend the Motus to anyone who wants a reliable, sturdy, fun and comfy riding experience.

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