Andy's Story - Haibike Xduro AllMtn RX

Which Electric Bike Did You Purchase?


Haibike Xduro AllMtn RX. This has the Bosch Motor, 400wh Battery and Nyon Display.


Why Did You Purchase This Electric Bike?


We weren't at the time intending to buy any electric bikes so didn't have any specification or particular requirements. We just happend to be passing Electric Bikes Sussex in the Marina and thought we would pop in and have a look. The owner (Graham) was very friendly/helpful and in no time, my wife was taking a bike out for a test ride. I was initially more sceptical of Electric Bikes but once my wife came back singing its praises, I decided I would also have a go. Within 5mins I could easily see the appeal and after you've tried a couple of hills, you soon realise how good these bikes are. Having that extra bit of assistance to get you up a hill can make all the difference to enjoying a ride, allowing you to go faster and further than a traditional bike.


How Does This Electric Bike Ride?


The Haibike Xduro goes anywhere my Giant Trance XO used to go. That includes any trails, bomb holes, down hill, up hill, jumps etc. Yes, it is heavier but it feels solid, comfortable and the Fox suspension works well. The Bosch system has 4 settings, Eco, Tour Sport and Turbo. I mainly use the Tour mode as this gives some assistance but will still last a good 25-30 miles over the Downs and you can always have a bit more assistance should a really steep hill appear. The excellant Bosch Nyon system allows you to set your own power curves for the Bosch motor. It also tells you how much energy your burning, how fast and hard your peddling, your battery range dependant on how your riding, speed, training effect, etc. etc. etc. It also has a Sat Nav which includes many of the Trails on the Sussex Downs. It will also charge your phone!! Its great to just go exploring off-road or follow the trails. It also works just as well on the road.


Do You Think Your Electric Bike Has Helped Your Health?


On average I would only do about 6-7 miles off road, per ride on my old Giant Mountain bike, whereas I now regulary do over 20 miles off road on the Haibike. My health has definitely benefitted and apparently I have lost a few pounds as well!! I use the Haibike Xduro much much more than my traditional mountain bike. It also allows me to keep up with my much younger and fitter son.


Is There Anything You Have Changed Or Would Change About It?


I've fitted mudguards, Shimano SPD’s and a small under saddle carrying case. Other than that, its all as standard. Ive have no plans to change anything else as it all works really well. 

I should also say that in March this year, the bike had its first year service at Sussex Electric Bikes. Again, the staff were very knowledgable/helpful and the technician who carried out the service made the bike look and feel like new!!


Overall Conclusion


If you are skeptical about Electric Bikes (as I was) I urge you to go and try one. My Haibike XDURO AllMtn RX is easily one of the best things I have purchased and having an electric bike will make you want to ride much more often. They don’t do it all for you, you still have to pedal and you can vary the amount of assistance you have although this will obviously effect the range. The more you put in, the more you'll get out. They’re not cheap but neither is a high end mountain bike and you’ll enjoy the electric bike more. Take one over the Sussex Downs and I guarantee you will return with a huge smile on your face.



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