Which Electric Bike did you purchase?
Raleigh Motus
Why did you purchase this Electric Bike?
My previous e-bike, that I had bought in Switzerland when I was living there 5 years previously, was stolen, so I needed a replacement. I wanted a city/touring bike and having tested a couple of bikes, this one was the best in terms of usability (ease of gear/motor use) and feel, i.e. balance, sturdiness, comfort. 
How does this Electric Bike ride?
On the whole the bike rides really well and I feel an e-bike is essential for riding around hilly Brighton! The condition of the roads in central Brighton is diabolical (try Western Road, or North Laine, or London Road) and the bike copes well as long as the tyres are fully pumped up. If not, balance is affected and the tyres slip. Otherwise it is a very comfortable ride. It doesn’t feel as stable as my old bike, but it is so much easier to charge and range is way better, the technology has advanced since I bought my first in 2011. 

At my first service I was pleased to discover that I don’t use Turbo (top) mode as much as most other e-bike users! I most often use touring or sport and only switch to turbo for the steepest hills, and there are a few of those around Brighton. I recently rode all the way up Ditchling Road for a festival event, everyone was super impressed! I always switch down to Eco when going downhill or if I have the wind behind me on the flat and I hope this saves the battery a bit. Riding without any assistance is like riding through treacle, but it is easier on this bike than my old one. I only do that by accident anyway, if I’ve forgotten to switch it on!
Do you think your Electric Bike has helped your Health?
Since having an e-bike, I go out on it every day (I don’t have a car), which means I get more fresh air and my leg muscles are in good shape. With the improved range on the Motus, I regularly cycle over to visit family in Worthing. Before I had an e-bike I would avoid using my bike for long, uphill or shopping trips, and the e-bike has even made riding in poor weather bearable. I won’t go back to a normal bike now, it’s just too much fun. 
Have you ridden your Electric Bike more or less than you expected? Why?
I used the new bike less than the old one, simply because I was living in North Laine and walking everywhere was easier than hauling the heavy bike out of the house. Now I have moved to Hove and can keep it securely outside, I will use it much more often.
Is there anything you have changed or would change about it?
I bought some relatively cheap waterproof panniers online - the rack on the back isn’t much use for transporting stuff. I also want to get a basket for the back - when I hired one a few years ago I put a basket on the front and it badly affects balance. Also Brightonians have a habit of leaving beer cans in baskets it seems. 

I love that the lights are on a dynamo unconnected to the battery. This means I can keep the lights switched on at all times for extra safety. 

I have considered changing the tyres, to improve grip on our crummy roads, but the ones I have are for touring, were recommended by you and should cope. I’m concerned that going to heavier tyres will affect performance, so the jury’s still out on that one.
Overall conclusion

I love my bike!

In the last week alone I have had three people come up to me and ask about the bike. They say it looks great, and are really impressed when I tell them about the performance, and they agree it is good value for money. I do tell them where I bought it :-).

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