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eBike Leasing with BikeFlex

We've now set up a partnership with BikeFlex, a new bike leasing company giving the ability to lease one of our premium eBikes or eCargo bikes on monthly plans, Laka insurance included!

There's three lease plans to choose from, personal lease, salary sacrifice or business lease. 

Personal Lease

Lease a bike on a 24 term and you can even switch to a new bike at the end of the lease!

Salary Sacrifice

Cycle-to-Work is a UK Government scheme that allows employees to save money on a bike by paying for it via salary sacrifice.  Salary sacrifice means that your employer takes the payments for the bike from your gross (or pre-tax) salary every month. You save because you pay no tax on that money.  How much you save, in terms of your out of pocket expense, is determined by your tax band. This cycle to work scheme costs less than others because you're not paying for the whole bike. This means less outlay for your employer, no upfront costs and just a simple monthly payment which is tax deductible.

Business Lease

Lease an eBike or eCargo bike for your business over a 24 month period. Lower monthly costs then buying the bike and tax efficient. 

Have a look at how much it could cost you and get a quote today below