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Is an Electric Bike Heavy?

The obvious answer here is: compared to what? An Electric Bike will typically weigh more than a legacy bike, as it has a battery, motor and other additional components. However, it’s of course those same components that provide all of the benefits that an Electric Bike offers!

 Perhaps it’s fairer to compare an Electric Bike to a Moped, as they both offer powered assistance – in which case the Electric Bike is much lighter. They also compare very favourably to Cars, Double Decker Buses and Tube Trains.

 Most of people’s concern comes from years of being told that weight matters by the legacy bike industry. That’s the same industry that makes £millons every year by selling components that are 10g lighter!!  

In real world situations, lifting an Electric Bike onto your Car Roof-rack might not be fun, but otherwise the “weight” of an Electric Bike is not something people necessarily notice whilst riding.   The powered assistance more than off-sets any additional weight going uphill and when going down-hill, more weight actually makes you faster!

Many Car Roof-racks now can be ‘cantilevered’ or of course a tow-bar based rack is also a good option. So unless you enjoy bench-pressing your Electric Bike, you probably won’t find the weight an issue.

NB: The additional weight is typically about 7Kg, with an average Electric Bike weighing from 16Kg to about 24kg

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