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Is an Electric Bike expensive?

Is an Electric Bike Expensive?

The answer to this will depend on what you’re comparing an Electric Bike with and how you’re thinking of buying one?

A straightforward purchase is often the preferred solution, but we can also offer you:

  • 0% Finance – over 12 or 18 months depending on value (no fees or deposit).
  • Cycle to Work schemes
  • Leasing - for Companies with 10 or more bikes!

Electric Bikes come in a range of prices, ours start at £9.62 per week for the Raleigh Velo on 0% finance over 24 months.  The best selling Raleigh Motus costs less than £3 per day!  Could you sacrifice your daily Caffeine shot and live a healthier life-style?

We’ve also provided some comparative costs below:

Compared to Gym membership

Instead of driving to the Gym to exercise and paying anything up to £100 per month for membership, would you save time, money and get fitter by cycling more often?  

Compared to a Bus:

At the time of writing, you can buy a Weekly Season Ticket (7 consecutive day savers) with the local Bus Company for £19.00 – meaning the Raleigh Velo @ £9.62 saves you £9.38 per week!!

Compared to a Train:

A Lewes to Brighton Peak time train ticket costs £8.90 per day. This journey is approximately 10 miles - the distance that people are willing to Commute on an Electric Bike, according to University of Brighton research!

Buy a Haibike XDuro Trekking model (a fabulous bike) for £26.92 per week and enjoy a saving of over £35 and get fit as well!

Compared to a Car:

The AA gives the approximate cost of an average Petrol Car that does 10,000 miles per year as approximately £0.60 per mile.  

The best selling Raleigh Motus is £19.24 per week – If you Cycle 32 miles per week, or under 5 miles per day, you save money!

Compared to a Care Home:

This one is a bit more controversial, but the average cost of a Care Home in Brighton and Hove is around £415 per week - or about £1,800 per month. 

Buy a Raleigh Captus at £1,750.00 and if you used it to keep you fit enough that you checked in just 4 weeks later, you’d not only have fun, but save yourself money as well!!

NHS Costs 

We're told that each Type 2 Diabetic costs our local NHS Trust approx £3,000 per year.  Riding an Electric Bike regularly could provide the lifestyle change that helps prevent the onset of Diabetes for most (not all) people.  Imagine a model where you are incentivised to ride the bike regularly, we use the Bike's diagnostic system to confirm the mileage to the NHS Trust and you receive the incentive, funded from the saving.  Extrapolate this saving across the country and we solve a sizeable part of the funding gap, whilst having a fitter and healthier nation. Big ideas, hard to implement, but you can do your bit, by starting now!


So back to the beginning: Is an Electric Bike expensive?  When compared to the alternatives, Electric Bikes are incredibly good value and pay for themselves quiet quickly.

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